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Sunday, November 8, 2015

3 answers - normal eating, following diets, veganism

Hi izzy. I have a very random question. Im recovering from an eating disorder and mum is very funny about food wastage. I like to leave a bit of food on my plate but mum says this is not normal behaviour. I cant remember what i ate like before my ED honestly. What is a normal way to deal with food you dont want? Do you always eat what you serve yourself? Do you save it for later? Ive started feeling really bad and eating it compulsively even though i dont want it :( can you give me some clarity? thanks in advance!!

Leaving food on your plate, just to leave food isnt so normal.... that is a sort of 'diet' or 'eating disorder' trick where you leave food, because then you dont feel like you have 'eaten it all' or 'finished the meal'. But leaving food because you are full and can't finish the food, that is ok... if you are listening to your body and you dont need to gain weight meaning that you do need to eat even if you arent hungry, then it is ok to leave food on your plate. Though of course for the sake of the environment and such, it's not good to waste food.

So ask yourself, why are you leaving food on the plate? Because you feel you have to or because you actually can't finish the food. However in both cases i would suggest you try to finish the food anyway and try to get over the mental barrier that tells you that you dont want the food. It can be a good challenge for you to face barriers and fears like this. But if it is a "i am so full i am about to burst" then save the food for later - if possible - or add more to your next meal/snack so that you get enough energy into you. But dont get into the habit of leaving food each time you eat as that is a waste and not a healthy relationship with food if you are forcing yourself to always leave food.

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Hey izzy!!I'm glad that your feeling a little better!! I just wanted to ask your opinion on something. What do you think of veganism and that sort of lifestyle. Take freelee the banana girl from youtube for example. The whole high carb low fat diet. What do you think? Is it unhealthy to follow something like that? It sounds so amazing and energizing but then I think do our bodies need ALL food groups? What do you think? 
Thanks izzy!!

It feels like whenever i answer questions regarding veganism, HCLF etc i always get attacked because people have differing views, and i get that. However i personally believe that after an eating disorder following diets such as raw till 4 or only eating raw food might not be the best option to go, because you aren't eating all food groups and you are eating restrictavly. Maybe for a few it can make them feel awesome and they can live their life, but for many others i can imagine that that type of eating becomes something restrictive and controlling and instead of finding balance and peace with food - where food is part of life, not your whole life, it instead becomes something obsessive and something you focus far too much on as you need to do so much preparation and there is so much you can't eat. Atleast a year after you have mentally and physically recovered from your eating disorder, i would focus on eating all food groups and eating is just part of life, but you live life... and if after that you feel like you want to try something like LCHF etc then you can always try. I mean i have tried different diets and things (mostly for the experience so that in the future i can help people and have actual experence) but the only thing that has worked for me is intuitive eating... counting calories or macros or doing paleo or periodic fasting and things like that just don't work and raw food/raw till 4 is far too restrictive for myself. I have written some posts regarding this topic:

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(And it is ok to have differing opions, dont attack me for having this opinion.)

Maybe the term "guilt gree" is a little harsh, but for example if i really like cake for breakfast, then i know that i cant eat it every day, so i eat raw food cake.In my opinion those "guilty free" foods give us option to eat food that we like more often. In my mind those alternatives are good.

I dont think its the food that is bad, i am not saying that raw food is bad or wanting to eat zoodles or something. I mean i love raw food cakes and used to do alot of raw food baking (and eat raw food cake for breakfast :)). It's when those foods are labelled "guilt free" which then means that foods like cake, cupcakes, muffins, pasta are labelled as "guilt foods". But food shouldnt make you feel guilty... if we say that a raw food cupcake is guilt free, then people can feel like... ohh, so should i feel guilty for eating a normal cupcake? It is the labels i dont like.... i know i have used the terms "healthy", "unhealthy", "junk food" etc but in all honesty i hate those labels and good or bad food. Because healthy foods are individual... i mean i guess we all know that kale is better than chocolate, but sometimes that chocolate is just what you need and is healthy for your soul and so you shouldnt need to feel guilty because you choose to eat some chocolate even though there was an option of eating a fruit. It is about balance.  People should always have a choice..... if you want the raw food cake, go for it - it's delicious, but if you want the normal chocolate cake, then choose that, it is also delicious. But you shouldn't feel guilty for whatever food you choose or feel bad because you think you choose the "bad" option.

I hope that clarifies it :) I am not hating on the other alternatives, i mean they are great as well but its the labels which i hate. And it is the labels which cause people to feel bad and guilty over eating certain foods.

have you turned vegetarian or vegan? It looks like you are eating less meat and dairy? have you noticed any difference in your body when you eat more potatoes and vegetbles and fruit instead of meat and dairy?

No i havent :) Though i am eating alot less meat and such recently, mostly because i don't crave it at all. But i still eat yoghurt and cottage cheese and such. I havent changed the way i am eating t change my body... it is more what my body is craving. If i have noticed any difference... less bloating as it isn't as much dairy and meat. And i would say more energy i think, i am not so sure as my body has never really been the type that gets lots of energy when i eat carbohydrates even if they are the main source of energy. I also find that since eating more potatoes and fruit and such i have found it easier to sleep... apparently when you dont eat alot of carbs (though i do eat plenty of carbs anyway) it can be harder to sleep, so i think that has helped anyway :)


  1. Thank you for your answer for my comment :)
    What do you think about the term "guilty pleasure"?

  2. Hey Izzy, I know you've been having a rough time mentally lately, but I've recently heard a song that helped me feel happy and positive about life :D It's called Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. I'm aware this isn't something a song can fix, but a little positivity can really brighten up a bad moment <3 Don't give up, "bad days build better days"! Same goes to anyone on here struggling! I'm proud of you!

  3. On the first question... there are, also, *always* going to be situations where it is polite to finish everything even if one doesn't want it any more. I *still* struggle with this, even after years and years of being at a healthy weight, but I think the social situations one gets into are that way, and it's good if one can cope. If one has to face those sorts of situations at home ... maybe that's a good thing in the long run? Anyway, love and good luck.