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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Will blogging affect me getting employed ?

Do you think you should be so honest online about the way you are feeling? Employers can Google you and that might affect you getting a job? Or in the future? Do you think about those or not care about that?

I understand what you are asking, though it does come off as a little rude. However i do think about what i write on my blog might have as an effect on me in the future. I mean once something is online, you almost lose your right to it. Of course there is copy right on photos  and people shouldnt plagiarise your text, however it is hard to full control of those things online. And you also have very little knowledge over who is looking at your stuff and what their view or judgement is.

I am sure i have written things in the past which might not have been the smartest to write. But i never write negatively about people i.e teachers, staff, others etc and try to not write too much about my personal life, because i think one of the things that might affect me getting employed if an employer were to find my blog is that they would be worried that i would write negatively about anyone working their or the job. I mean you can't exactly write "I hate my job & i hate my boss" on a public blog. So i think the fact that i have a blog - and there is a risk of me writing something that i shouldnt on it - has more of  a negative affect than me writing about my mental illnesses. It is illegal to discriminate against people because of mental illness. Though of course if there is someone who doesnt have a mental illness i am pretty sure they would get the job before me. But if i were to show all the traits and qualities necessary and were the best person for the job then the fact that i have depression shouldnt stop me from getting the job. Though in Sweden there are all these rules about firing people and you can't just fire them which is good, but i guess employers might be worried that if they hire me i might not end up showing up or not working and that would cost them lots of money etc 

But i feel like i should still be allowed to be open, that it isnt something i should be ashamed for  and if an employer reads sees my blog in the future when i am not struggling at all, well then they can see what i have been through and that i am a strong person mentally and physically, and that can just be a benefit. 

Also, when it comes to work, school and other things i always use my full name which isn't Izzy. So when you Google my real name my blog and pictures dont actually show up, so thats always good!

This is my opinion on it, some may differ and thats ok. Like i mentioned above, the fact that i have a blog would most likely affect me negatively more than a mental illness.


  1. Given the sort of work you want to do, I would expect it to be a major plus -- you are already helping so many people so much in all these ways, and it is very exceptional for someone to do as you are doing. You show strength and maturity and wisdom and compassion and you use the knowledge and experience you have in extraordinarily constructive ways, while remaining careful when you reach areas where you are uncertain, or where you feel it is important that people consult professional services. I would seriously consider listing it on your CV... but maybe I have misunderstood the character of the work you want to do.

    1. Thank you :):)It all depends what type of jobs i seek... i mean if i search to work in a food store then i dont have it it on my CV but if i am searching for jobs more in the health/nutrition/helping or social media jobs then i have it listed in my CV and personal letter :)

  2. I agree! :) I'd definitely list it on your CV :)

  3. if any employer came across your blog it should be a credit to you rather than against you. It shows just what a strong, compassionate woman you are and they should count themselves lucky to have you in their employ.
    just my opinion.

  4. I have a question: you once mentioned your sister reading your blog. Has she ever addressed your depression?

    1. She doesnt read my blog everyday, just sometimes when she wants to know what i am doing or how a certain event went or just because she has nothing else to do, haha... so i never really know when she reads my blog, just sometimes. But no, she hasnt addressed it.

  5. Have you ever had a stalker? I would personally be more worried abut the fact that there are crazy people out there and your full name is in you blog.
    About the job situation..i think that in your situation the blog thing would be more of a positive thing as you want to do helping work :)

    1. No i havent, not that i am aware of though. But there are people out there who might do some weird stuff and that can scare me. But for now i am taking my chances and trying not to post where i am or what i am doing until afterwards or not posting locations and such.I mean i would never write... I am going to be at X at 2pm... though i guess i have done things like that when it comes to big events or races and such, but then i know there are alot of people and stuff.

      And thank you :)

    2. This isn’t entirely on topic but it's funny you mentioned plagiarising and copyright. Because I'm not sure if you know but what you do posting pictures and copy + pasting texts from other blogs is against copyright laws, too. Linking back to the source isn't helping there. I don't want to attack you but it's something a lot of people don't know and can be expensive if the original author notices

    3. Yeah you are right. ... I guess I should be more careful about that. But it depends what I copy/ I. E what the original source is.