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Thursday, October 1, 2015

What depression feels like

I found this online and found it very relatable, so thought i would share it here. Incase anyone feels they want to try to describe depression to people who dont understand.

Understanding How Depression Feels  (via buzzfeed


  1. Have you considered to do less workouts and physical activities? Those really takes a lot of energy which you may not have right now. I know you love it and of course it helps to have daily activity as well, but it's just that you are SO so active every day. I don't know if it helps, but maybe you could try it for a while. Because you need to eat very very much and maybe it's not enough for your body and that can also lead to depression. Maybe try eat more carbs and not so much protein? Also try eat more real food and not just snacks with protein powder and such. You said you felt better when you ate cooked food so try eating that twice a day? I know that food isn't the whole answer, but it really can make one feel better to eat properly and it's so so important for you right now! Take care <3

    1. Cardio causes extra stress on the body as well, whether you enjoy doing it or not. You should definately give it a try for a few weeks or so - just to see if not doing (as much at least) running and long walks. I'm not saying you should be inactive, but just not so much activity as now. I worry about you :( Wish you all the best! <3

    2. Thank you so much for your concern though i dont think food or exercise are the problem right now. Its only really this week i have actually done so much cardio, before that all i really did was strength training and maybe a walk now and again. But now i feel so much better when i get out, leave the house and get fresh air instead of just lying in my bed like i am doing 95% of the day anyway. And eating wise, i am eating enough :) I just post certain meals,not everything i eat. But thank you, i will take it all into consideration :)

    3. I see :)
      But i just wanna also say that we (or I at least) don't say that you are maybe not eating enough BASED ON PICTURES :) Even if you did post everything you ate, none of us could say if that was too much or too little - it's all about your activity level.

    4. That's true :) but once again I don't post everything I do or don't do. Sometimes I go ti the gym and the only thing I do is deadlifts for 20 minutes and then stretch 10 minutes and do nothing else for the rest of the day, and then other days I might do 2 or 3 workouts in a day. But i know I am very active so need to eat based on that, which I do ;) but thank you for caring!

    5. I love how understanding you are! I think it's great that you can see where people are comming from and still get youor point through - that's one good quality :) You seem to know yourself very well and that's awesome :) Have a great day, sending lots of hugs and happy mood <3

    6. 20 minutes deadlifts is still a hard workout :P and 2-3 workouts in a day? Thats like athlete level, how do you even have time?? haha I'm happy if I have time to do 60-90 minutes workout 3-4 times a week :)

    7. When you write 2-3 workout, do you count going for walks as well? or 2x cardio and 1x strength training?

    8. A walk = workout :)

      And I don't work or go to school. So I have alot of free time when I'm not blogging or emailing. When I work or study then I am lucky if I get a 45-60 minute workout during the weekdays and then maybe a longer one during the weekend. But it's about energy and motivation as well. If I don't have energy or motivation I don't force myself to workout but as I have motivation and time at the moment I do what I feel like :)

  2. Really good post! definitely true

  3. OMG that's so relatable! :( Oh dear.. well, I do hope u r okay Izzy? ur readers care about u and so I do hope u r keeping as positive as possible.

    ..yeah, I kinda get the above sometimes, although it's getting better. Xx