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Friday, October 2, 2015

Vegetarian lunch

 If there is one thing I love it's food and if there is another thing i love, its free food XD So when my mum suggests going out for lunch all i can say is yes 150%. In all honesty, if i could i would eat out everyday if i had the money for it. But then again, eating out becomes something a little more special then and not just an everyday boring thing.

In Sweden and Stockholm there are so many vegetarian restuarants but there are a few which are my favourte and this place is one of my favourites. What they offer in the buffet is different each day/week so you dont really know whats going to be on the menu, but today it was just so much deliciousness!!

The bread there is a carrot bread and it is amazing and so is the pumpkin soup! I am not so much for pumpkin spice, but i love pumpkin so if you have any good recipes or tips using pumpkin, comment below!!! I want to make so many pumpkin things (But first buy a pumpkin!).

After lunch when i was in a food coma i went to pick up a package and then home to rest a while and clean my room before my boyfriend came over and then we began making tacos for ourselves and my family. So this evening was spent eating tacos and being with my family!! A nice Friday evening :) Still not sure what my weekend plans are but i will just see how i feel anyway :)

Do you have any plans for the weekend? :)

Ohh and i will try get around to emails and answering comments once i get a chance - most likely next week! But you can always comment here as it might be quicker to get a reply than an email at the moment.


  1. Yum!!! Looks so delicious :)
    It´s Saturday morning and I´m soon off to workout and the lunch at my parent´s house. Later today going to a friend´s party. Then tomorrow a workout and rest of the day I´m spending studying and maybe a calm jog/run in the evening.
    Hope you come up something fun to do this weekend <3
    P.S. I just bought a pumpkin yesterday and planning to make a pumpkin pie oatmeal snack later ;) Maybe I´ll post it on IG


    1. That sounds like a lovely day :) If the recipe turned out good then maybe you can share it :)
      There are so many things you can do with pumpkin, so i really need to buy one!! (or a few XD)

  2. Buffets don't work for me. Too much food on offer makes me panic and feel like I will lose control. X

    1. One day i am sure you can eat at buffets again. You just need to try and realise that even though there is alot of food, that doesnt mean you have to eat lots or eat everything. You can still eat normal portions even at a buffet - for me personally i always eat alot more than normal when at buffets, because i want to eat my moneys worth of food. hahah. I have posts about buffets and how to cope at buffets which might help you. Dont say that you cant eat at buffets,its just that you dont think you can, because they scare you. But they dont have to scare you, you need to face that fear.