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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trying to find the positives in a mind full of negativity

Saturday afternoon and i am currently sitting in a state of irritation. Those moments when you just want to cry from frustration and irritation as well as maybe throw your school books/work assignment on the floor and refuse to look at them again. That is how i am feeling right now... irritated. My maths stuff infront of me and my brain doesnt want to understand... it doesnt want to accept the information i am trying to learn. I mean i get it, something clicks and then a few seconds later i am just as confused again... that little light which clicks on just isnt staying lit.

But i am not going to complain about maths or school, this is a choice i have made to study.. nobody is forcing me to and i could quit if i wanted to. But i am determined to pass the course, i have only had one lesson and so i should learn something the rest of the lessons... i mean i cant expect to know the whole book after one "repetitive lesson".... nobody in the class knows (i guess not) what we are going to learn or how to do different things in the book, so why am i pressuring myself to know the whole book and to know how to do things? The reason you go to lessons is to learn... learn something you dont know, so why do i feel the need to already know the things and feel bad when i dont get it?

For now i am going to watch some explanatory youtube videos as they work alot better than just looking at formulas and questions. Then when i start to feel hungry i have bought myself a sallad (though there isnt actually anything green or salad-y in the salad? Does it even count then.... hahahXD) And i also bought chocolate for this evening as that was what i was craving :) So looking at the positives.

Trying to smile and focus on the positives such as the autumn sun and the beautiful falling leaves. Enjoying coffee and listening to good music, cuddling up in a blanket and just small positives of the day!!

I hope you can all enjoy your Saturday :)

P.s this post was written at 1pm, not at 6.30pm (hahaha... wouldnt be very good if i was eating lunch at 6.30 -_- XD)


  1. Which math topics are you learning? :)

    1. At the moment it's trigonometry :) not sure what the rest will entail, haha

  2. Do you eat a snack after your workout or lunch? ::)

    1. Generally I eat 5-6 times a day I. E breakfast; lunch, snack, dinner, snack. .. bit everyday is different and sometimes I eat 3 times a day and other times 7 times a day. After my workout I usually go home and eat lunch and then in the afternoon I eat a snack again and later dinner and of course a night snack as that is my absaloute favourite :)