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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spa day and waking up sick

Good morning :)

Or i would like to say its a "good" morning,  but not really because this morning i woke up with a painful throat and swollen glands. Luckily i can still eat and breathe ok, but so far ive only tried eating yoghurt so not sure how normal food will go. I was a little scared of getting sick while going to the spa... i mean going from cold to warm (i.e walking outside in just a bikini and then going into the warm baths) and also sharing water with so many other people (I guess there are filters and cleaners and such, but still). Ohhh well, that just means focus on rest, lots of vitamins and nutrious food and watching series and films, reading and of course doing maths studying. It's school tomorrow so still need to go to that.

How was it at the spa yesterday? It was nice, i like it there and that is surprising considering that i dislike baths and only shower 5 minutes or longer when i wash my hair. But there is something very relaxing about just lying in those warm baths.... you know you cant do anything else but just lie there and relax and it's nice. Apart from the times when i begin to get anxiety because i feel like i amnt doing anything productive, and then i just want to leave the place. But i didnt get any of those thoughts or feelings yesterday i just enjoyed my time there. That was until i began to feel super super tired and it was the type of tiredness that makes me feel dizzy and like i am going to faint. Ive been feeling this recently, like this overwhelming tiredness takes over and then standing up makes me feel dizzy or like i cant quite stand on my own two feet.  And i knew the worst thing i could do was to lie in water when i felt that way so i sat in one of the resting chairs for 30 minutes or so until the feeling had almost passed.

 Otherwise we ate a delicious lunch there and later on ate fruit and raw food cakes. I always get super excited about eating those and i long back to when i used to do lots of raw food baking... the reason i havent is because we dont have the ingredients at home. My family say that i should just tell them what ingredients i need and they will buy them, as they love the raw food things as well, but i just havent done that even if i have recipes saved that i want to try XD Just need that motivation to do it, because its both fun and delicious.

At the end of the day when are fingers and toes looked like raisins and we were feeling tired and heavy in our bodies (weird how resting and relaxing can do that to you?) we headed home, ate dinner and then it was just to go to bed!

Tuesday today and like mentioned above, its studying and rest that counts today and most likely the rest of the week -_-' Better to rest one day too many than to start working out while still being sick. I dont think the cold has broken out completely, so maybe i can stop it from actually breaking out by taking it easy and lots of vegetables and fruit etc now!!!

I hope you all have a good day!


  1. Hope the cold gets better really quickly <3
    I have wanted to do raw food baking for a long time but it seems hard and difficult with all the soaking of the nuts and stuff. Also I´m allergic to chocolate and cacao so it´s hard to find recipes. If you have any good ones, please share with me :)
    Have a nice day!