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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Small things in life which make me happy

This morning i began thinking about all these small things in life which add a sparkle of happiness into my life, and even if htey are small and may be insignifcant to others they are something which matter to me! And feel free to share small things from life which make you happy :)

My breakfast and morning time! I am the type of person who needs my alone time in the morning and to not be stressed. I usually give myself 90-120 minutes in the morning before i know i have to leave as this gives me time to make breakfast, eat breakfast in peace, scroll through social media  little while, take a shower if i want (i most ofter shower in evenings if i havent been out for a walk or run or just feel the need to shower in the morning). Being stressed in the morning almost always leads to a bad day XD

Vanillla coffee! I.e big cup of coffee, vanilla stevia drops and lots of milk (soy milk is delicious with this combo) = a cup of happiness! Drink two of these = double dose of happiness and double dose of caffeine XD

My 3 tattoos. Its funny how people always warn you to not do tattoos and that you will regret them, but in all honesty, i dont regret my tattoos at all. They still make me smile and make me feel happy.... i look at my dream catcher tattoo and it makes me want to smile. It was something i did for myself and i love it. And i think that is the type of feeling you should have about your tattoos, you should like seeing them. (A tip, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo then print out an image of roughly how you want it to look and look at it everyday for x weeks-months and try to imagine it on the part of your body you want it at. If you get bored or tired of looking at it... then dont get it tattooed on you ;))

That feeling when i begin to warm up at the gym (with weights XD): Its just such a nice feeling. A focus that steps in and i just feel this strength and this confidence and positivity and i feel like another person. It always makes me so happy and during the whole workout as well.

When i feel sort of dressed up and feel good in my outfit. This makes such a difference to my day. I know i spend 80% of my time in workout clothes and my hair in a bun, but i actually like wearing heels and sort of fancy clothes. I like getting dressed up and looking (and feeling) good in my outit and appearance. This makes such a difference to my day!!

These are just 5 things what bring me small pieces of joy in my life :) Do you have any small things in life which make you happy? :)


  1. Having the house to myself and dancing around to music, my aquagym class, watching Downton Abbey, family meals, having my hair done. X

    1. Ohh i love the first one as well :) :) and these are awesome, definitely brings joy and happiness!

  2. Positives in my life right now:
    1. Being able to exercise and love it so much
    2. Having such loving family, just one phone call and any one of then would come right over
    3. Making and eating delicious food
    4. Anticipation and excitement over two trips abroad next year

    1. These are so awesome <3 Ohh exciting with two trips abroad, I hope you have a great time when you travel :) do you have any favourite dishes/food? :)

    2. Thank you! I´m both nervous and excited about those trips. It´s a real challenge to eat just restaurant foods for a week or more.
      Currently my favorites are anything with eggs or salmon :)
      What are your favorites?
      Have you planned any trips in the future?

  3. Leisurely mornings are important for me as well! I wake up earlier specifically so I’m not stressed out. It sets the tone for my day!

    1. Exactly :) a good morning often leads to a good day!

  4. so agree with the not wanting to rush in the mornings. i gave myself an absolute minimum 2hrs before leaving as i too have to get ready, leisurely b'fast, do social media, check emails, find and post positive quotes for the day etc. and even then i havent enuf time. i love yoga, when the mags come out on tues, tv, movies, kids and pets, holidays and sunshine that always makes me happy. I'm so low now clocks have gone back, its dark and cold - booo!

  5. What makes me happy is seeing others happy -- the only element to this that I'm careful of is not to 'step in' and 'fix' their unhappiness.. as this is something that I always have desired to do, yet in a rather horrid way is something that's been an expectation of mine.

    What makes me happy.. finding a fab tune to listen to, summer sunshine and warmth, my horse, being indoors when it's raining and looking outside at the rain and just feelin thankful for how lucky I am in my life to have so much!

  6. Cuddling with my cat and my boyfriend, the beautiful colorful leaves and the fresh air of fall atm.. Autumn walks really make me happy as long as it is not raining all the time. Speculoos Cookies.. Finding time to calm down and read. Comfy soft Pullovers..

    I hope you can feel happier soon, izzy..