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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reader question - food and exercise posts?

I got asked if i could post more of my meals and my workouts on here - like i used to.

If i am honest, i dont actually read my own posts so much :( I mean i am not some super blog who has all blog posts perfectly organized so nothing is repetitve and is always interesting. I post what i feel like when i feel like it. I try to schedule posts when i know i cant blog so that there will be posts throughout the day, and sometimes posts are repetitive and boring, so i am sorry for that. But i am only human and sometimes creativity isnt always the best. And sometimes there is lots of one thing or lots of another thing, but i try to balance it somewhat.

Anyway i guess i dont post so much of my own food anymore? But that was because i got alot of critique that there was too much focus on food on my blog and that it wasnt helpful as the focus should be taken away from food. Which is true, recovery does mean eating and finding balance and enjoyment in food. But when you are struggling you already think so much about food, food is always on your mind (for some) and then maybe you want to escape from that and get advice and help about other things and not just see lots of photos of food as that could be triggering. Others think it is inspiring, and want to see my meals. And i know i should post whatever i want to post, i know that. But i also post for my readers and what YOU want to see or read about, so that is why i am asking. Do you want to see more of my meals or less pictures of food? I know before i used to write more about food, i didnt have so much else to write about... i dont do that as much anymore, or i dont think i do anyway. Who knows maybe i write loads about it and dont even notice it, but i hope that isnt the case. Anyway, let me know..... do you want to see my meals, yes or no.

Also food diaries.... sometimes i think i should do these, but then i think that they could be triggering and instead of being helpful makes people compare their intake with mine, but also i always seem to get critique that i eat too much of one thing or too little of another etc when it is just one day of eating.

Onto another thing... i also got asked if i could write about my workouts and such, and i am pretty sure my answer is no. I already write a little too much about exercise on here. I would prefer to write little about it on here as i know it can be very triggering, i know how difficult it is to read about people exercising when you are not allowed, so i try to avoid writing about it. Though i am not so succesful with that, and that is because it is a big part of my day but also at the moment its basically the only thing i do... or the only thing worth mentioning. Otherwise i dont do so much during the days and so either i dont write anything about my day or what i do or i write that i worked out and that was all i did. Of course i do other things during the day but its pretty much "the same old" and is not worth repeating each day. But let me know what your opinion about this is.... WHether you want me to not mention exercise at all i.e not mention i went to the gym etc or if you dont care etc

It would be good to get your feedback and know what is best :) Of course i will think about both sides and see what the majority is and try to keep it balanced, but if something is more requested then i can think about it and maybe post about it more often!! :)


  1. I like seeing pictures of your meals and what your eating- it was what attracted me to ur blog in the first place. I find it gives me a better idea about portion size as I never seem to put enough on my plate. I Iike the fact that you write something every day and find the guest posts really interesting. References to exercising don't bother me as it has never been part of my problem. So for me your blog is perfect how it is- thanks. x

  2. Hi Izzy, I personally like reading your food diaries and seeing pictures of your meals as like the anonymous above, it helps me with portion size and gives me ideas for what to eat. However, I also think that this should be done/posted around other posts about you and your life and what you're up to because I am interested in that and it inspires me to keep going with recovery! In terms of exercise posts and info, I think it is nice the way it is i.e. you mentining when you work out and that you liked it, but not in detail about what you did etc, as I would find this triggering and kind of inappropriate if you know what I mean? I love your blog though, thank you so much Izzy! xxx

    1. Ok thank you! Don't worry I won't post my actual workouts,that's not necessary
      But I was wondering whether even mentioning working out was triggering or whether it's ok that I mention now and again!

  3. Agreed with above!

  4. I am not interested in food pictures, personally. Normal posts are much more interesting. You can find food pictures anywhere.

  5. Food pictures!!! I love it when you post food pictures because it gives me ideas for different foods and about portion sizes and it's just interesting to see cause your food is always so colorful;) amd food diaries would he awesome too so it can help again, with how much a 'normal' person eats in one day when not counting etc.

    1. :) Thank you for your feedback! Not sure if i will do food diaries or not, mostly because i barely remember what i eat in a day but also i've heard that too many people find themselves comparing their diet with it and being negatively affected (which i find strange as i eat quite alot, so it shouldnt be triggering in the sense that i eat little) But i respect peoples opinions!

  6. I think I'm one of your healthy readers so don't listen to me, but ... I think it is lovely to hear things people enjoy. It's lovely to hear joy when it is simple and sincere, no matter WHAT it is about. And if one has a bad relationship of one's own to whatever it is, then hearing someone enjoy it in a straightforward way can be a really good model. Particularly if you know that the person wants to share it with you and help you get there, as you obviously do.
    But, I'm well, so I'm probably not the target audience. But you still help me anyway!

    1. You're one of my readers so your opinon matters as well :) And thank you!!

  7. I think you should continue to post your pictures of food. I find it helps give me ideas what to try and what to have that's different. As for exercise well that's interesting too - so its a yes from me on both counts.
    I love your blog - reading it makes my day! keep up the good work :)