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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rainy days - Tuesday update

The above picture pretty much describes what i would have liked to do today... In all honesty all i want to do is "nothing" but that also gives me anxiety because i feel that if i amnt doing anything productive i am wasting time. So relaxing mentally is one thing i need to get better at... i feel that i cant take a break because then  i amnt being productive, which is not a good quality of mine. I am a all or nothing type of person. Either i give it 150% or i dont really bother, because what is the point? Though i wish that i could be happy with just doing a little and not feel that i have to do it all at once or spend hours on a task each day before i am happy or can feel  a little proud.

But onto my day.... i was going to start my day with a gym session but then when i was out walking my dog - just a short morning walk so she gets to do her business i realised that i would much prefer to be out running, so once i got back home i changed to my running gear and out i went. It felt so good and definitely what i needed, i love the gym but sometimes you just need the forrest and fresh air.

Since then ive tried fixing with a new blog - or a more proffessional blog and after paying loads and not getting it to work and realising that i had to pay even more and things just werent working i decided to give up and luckily i could cancel everything i had already paid for and get refunded. So for now i feel a little disheartened at that fact, but i will do more research and see if i can fix things in another way... and a way that wont cost me half my savings, haha. (not really, but its not cheap either).

I've also had a look through my maths book to see what awaits me.... also tomorrow i have one of those "see what you know and what level you are at" tests, or i think it is tomorrow, otherwise it is on Monday. Never fun with tests and I havent looked at maths or tried doing maths since my national test was over in June.... hahah. So i feel my maths skills are back at 0 and i only know the basics. But hopefully i will remember what i learnt, i like maths and am ok at it so i hope that i wont regret the decision of going to this course!

Now i am going to make a gluten free chocolate cake so my sister can eat it as well :) Not craving chocolate cake, but its a nice surprise for my family and always good to have in the freezer for when guests are over :)


  1. Wow!! I saw that picture a few months ago and had to post it on my blog! I love it, it is so what I am like :P Sorry, i get excited about pictures with rain and hot drinks ;)

    I hope the maths test goes well :) It might be weird to start doing it again, I forgot a bunch of stuff after not doing math for a while, but it comes back to you so don't worry about "losing" it :)

    1. Haha, i love those types of pictures as well :) Thank you, not sure if it is today or next week...but there is no warning to it as the point isnt to study for the test, but i almost wish i did, haha.

      I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I’m really worried about you Izzy. It seems all you’re doing is going to the gym and then you post about not feeling well. It makes me sad. :( Please take care of yourself. <3 If you need anything, I am always here!

    1. Dont worry about me :) I go to the gym because its my happy place but also that it is good for me to leave the house.. when i havent had any studies or work there hasnt been much to do. My family and boyfriend all work and all my friends study or work so even if i had the motivation to spend time with them i couldnt until the evenings. I try to not be so negative on here as i want to keep that to myself and not trigger others, so i might try limiting the negatives.... And thank you. I hope you are doing well :)