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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Questions before giving up & depression resources (Masterpost)

I love this picture and think it is very helpful and might be helpful to others. Dont ever make a spontaneous decision when feeling down or low. Suicide should not be an option, no matter how much you are struggling... tell yourself "one more week" and keep repeating that until you no longer need that reminder because you want to live the rest of your life. But also ASK FOR HELP. If you are having suicidal thoughts, ask for help or just go hug someone. Go and cry and tlak to someone, or even if you just sit in silence... it can help. But you should never feel like you are alone or that you are suffering in silence. There is always someone, if not there are always hotlines you can call or sites which you can go onto which can help you when you are struggling. There are always other options even if it doesnt feel like it. Even if you have to repeat "One more hour" and keep repeating that, but do talk to someone if you are feeling that low or awful. You can get through this!!

Also, dont self harm. I know it can be helpful, i know it takes away the mental pain but it is also an addiction and the addiction will get worse. Over time the self harm increases and gets worse as the pain doesnt go away so quickly. Find healthier ways to cope instead, such as draw on your skin instead, or rip paper into pieces or hold ice cubes. Or try listening to really loud music, or if you enjoy running (and ont have an exercise addiction) then going out to run really fast with music can be helpful when you are overwhelmed with emotions - however be careful that you dont do anything stupid while being out on your own. Also send a message to someone, ask them to call you or just a way to start a conversation.
 Try drawing or doing something with your hands and something to distract yourself. You dont need to hurt yourself, it wont solve the problem. It takes away the mental pain for a little while, but eventually it will still be there and you will just be left with scars and scabs which take a long time to heal and you might regret. But also you shouldnt be harming your body, your body is just trying to keep you alive while you mind is trying to tear you apart. Below are some alternatives to self harm which you can try.

Stay strong all of you!! You can get through your struggles, take one day at a time.

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*I have not checked all the links, so please comment if one isnt working or is not the right site*


  1. Thank you Izzy -- I'll be bold and say that I kinda needed this post today :(

    ..things will get better hopefully!! X

    1. I am sorry that you are struggling. But stay strong and know that there are people who can help you, or people you can talk to. Even if its just through a site or through email, you shouldnt feel alone. Keep fighting and know that it will get better!