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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Proving that you are healthy

Something which took a while for me to overcome and understand when i was recovered was that i didnt constantly need to prove that i was healthy.

When i first recovered i felt the need to always show that i was healthy. To eat loads, all the time. And even if i had taken too much on my plate, i would eat it all up because i was scared to leave anything on the plate. If someone offered cake/cookies/chocolate, i always said yes even if i didnt want some, just because i didnt want people to think i was sick.

It took a long time before i realised that, i am no longer sick. I dont need to prove that i am healthy/recovered to anyone. 

Saying no to a cookie when it is offered doesnt make you sick... you dont always have to want a cookie. Of course, sometimes its the polite thing to say yes, even if you might not want one.
Its ok to choose a diet cola now and again instead of a normal cola, you dont have to prove that you can drink normal cola.

You arent automatically sick just because you eat a small afternoon snack, instead of a big one like you usually do.

I personally think, that if you are constantly trying to prove that you are healthy... trying to get some type of credit or recognition that you are healthy, i dont think that is very healthy.
  You should be able to choose what you want to eat and not worry about what others think.... one day you might want a burger for lunch, whilst the next day you want a salad. One day you might want sweets for a snack, and another day fruit salad...

There are so many different things to eat, and the fact with being recovered and healthy... you have options and choices again. You should choose what you want to eat. Not based on calories. Not based on what people will think about you... but choose what ytou like. What you want to eat at that very moment. 

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  1. Great post! And, it is reading blogs like yours that has finally helped me get past this one too. Such a relief! I completely agree about it not being very healthy to feel you need to prove you are healthy. It just creates anxiety and messes up relationships with other people.