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Thursday, October 1, 2015

People are far too concerned with what others are eating, instead of focusing on what they are eating

People are far too concerned with what others are eating now a days, when instead maybe they should focus a little more on what they are eating themselves. The only reason a person should care about how much someone is eating is if its due to health reasons i.e someone is eating far too little and it is not just a one time thing, or someone is eating far too much junk food and putting their health at risk. Otherwise it is up to dieticians and nutritionsists (and maybe doctors) to care about other peoples diets and if necessary give advice.

Whenever someone says they are vegetarian or vegan, suddenly everyone cares about that persons protein intake. Or once someone says they dont eat gluten people think they are being silly or trying to eat low carb, or once someome says they are eating HCLF then they get lots of critique.

Following diets isnt something i promote, but its also important to know that different ways of eating work for different people. So for some people they work best with more carbs and less fat and some work best with lower carb and more fat, that doesnt mean they specifically follow a HCLF or LCHF diet, but just that that type of eating suits their body best. But it feels like in general people are far too obsessed with what others are eating. I know i have made a comment or two such as "do you really feel full after that meal" or something like that, but now i know that who cares... its their body and what they eat. One picture doesnt show it all. And one picture of a persons meal doesnt mean that that is the only thing they ate... how do you even know that that is what they ate? They could eat something compltely different, they could eat more or less than what is shown in the picture, that is why you cant just believe everything you see. This is why i also say to those who follow me on IG that it is not a food diary, not everything i eat is posted... its just a few meals which i want to share, but i do eat more than is posted at times and definitely more throughout the day than those few meals, but also at times i eat less than what i post because the picture is what i thought i was going to eat, but then i realise that i couldnt finish it. And i feel no obligation to write that because 1) you shouldnt compare meals to others and 2) its not a food diary and 3) i have no obligation to do that. I eat according to my body.

But its not just online, its in "real life as well" where people can make comments like "Ohhh are you on a diet now, eating so little" or "wow that is alot of food, are you sure you are going to eat all of that" or "do you really need to eat gluten free, that is just silly" (similar things have been said to my sister who infact does need to avoid gluten and lactose and not just eating like that because its a "diet phase". If anything, she wishes she could eat normal gluten foods and lactose foods and not have to order "special" things all the time). And for me, i always get comments about how much i eat.... but its so silly. Because those people only see one meal and dont know the whole picture. Who knows if i have just been on a 48 hour fast or if i have run a marathon or maybe i need to gain weight, or have a fast metabolism or am just super duper hungry and doesnt matter how much  i eat before or after. Sometimes you eat little because you arent hungry and other times you eat more because you are super hungry or because of other reasons, and its no persons right to comment about that. What should it matter to other people what food a person chooses to eat or how much they choose to eat - unless like mentioned above it is due to health reasons.

I find that some people who comment about other peoples intakes need to worry more about their own intake than others. Maybe focus more on what is best for them and their bodies rather than worrying if someone else is eating too much or too little. Everyone is different and needs different amounts and i wish more people were aware of this. Also that it is ok to eat and not something you need to hide or feel guilty over, because i feel that far too many people are actually scared to admit when they are hungry or the fact that they like food. I mean food is delicious, why deny it? Its like denying that you need air or oxygen to survive!! I mean, most people like food... not everyone, but you can learn to like it anyway and there is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with eating enough for your body either whether that is 2000kcal or 4000kcal a day, or like some athletes who eat around 6000-8000kcal a day! Its food and energy!


  1. Your words are so true.. Sadly there are people who Do Not only care for and comment on what and how others eat, but also everything else. How does He or she look like, behave, what clothes does she wear, why doesn't she Do this or that. One of my collegues at work is like that and sometimes i really have to behave myself to Not get angry. It makes me really sad that some people have to always force their opinion on others instead of just accepting that opinions tastes and lifestyles can vary from each other.. Especially if the people who are always critizising are not giving the perfect "normal" example themselves. (but What's "Normal" anyway?)

    I am sorry for babbling so much.. But i totally agree with you, izzy.

    1. Yes exactly, some people comment far too much on things are arent necessary. Or things where their opinion/comment really isnt needed. And dont worry ,you can comment as much as you want or as long as you want :)