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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pancakes and a day of resting

Today has been a day of "nothingness". A day where i can just be alone - mostly - and not have to do anything or be anywhere. So far it has been really nice and much needed.

I dont plan my restdays, i take them when i need them as that is what works best for me. I know my body so well and hate planning rest days, i take them when i need them or when other things in life happen so i dont have time to exercise. Though if you struggle with exercise addiction or struggle with being able to rest, then i suggest you do plan your rest days and then when you feel comfortable resting and listening to your body you can progress onto listening to your body and taking rest days when you need them. I.e taking 2 or 3 or a whole week or two, if that is what your body tells you without feeling guilty. Or working out for 10 days in a row (i.e not doing the same thing all the time, but if you strength train, it is possible to train different muscle groups each day so that you dont overwork your muscles.) But it is very individual about how often you can exercise, how much energy or motivation you have, the important thing is to find what works for you. Make sure you eat enough and get enough rest and enjoy what you do, not that it is a chore or a "must" but an enjoyment. Anyway, that was not what i had been planning to write. When i woke up this morning my body was sore and i knew that weights would be far too heavy for me today.... those days when you know that movement is just too tiring. So instead i went for a walk to get some fresh air and then made myself pancakes for breakfast before watching a series for a while and getting some online stuff done. Though i have not been productive today at all, despite not doing loads at the moment i needed a break today, hahaa. A bit like taking my work pause before i have even done any work XD And instead of a 10 minute break it becomes a 10 hour break!!

Look at that pancake stack XD Mmmm
Though i really need to buy myself a good camera with a wi-fi or bluetooth conneciton because my phone camera just isnt working anymore, hahaha. The pictures are so blurry which irritates me.
So that will be my next investment!!

Then when i was ready i headed home (i spent the night at my boyfriends yesterday. I felt super tired yesterday, but then i got lots of energy so decided to spend the night there) and i havent done so much at home. My goal was to fix my room but somehow the hours passed and i didnt get around to doing that. 
Instead when i felt hungry again i made myself a mix of things (kale popcorn, coconut oil/sweet popcorn, peanut M&Ms, salted cashews and digestives). I wasnt so hungry so just ate a little of this. Its nice to have things to snack on while watching series!

M&M's are counted into your 5 a day right? ;)

This evening will be spent in the same way as my day has been spent i.e lying in bed. Today i need both physical and mental rest and that is exactly what i am going to do, so hopefully tomorrow everything will feel a little better.

But to be positive.... here are some positives of my day!

Pancakes and todays snacks!
Autumn sun
My bed & my room
My dog (i always miss her when i am not at home, and it feels so strange to go for walks without her.)
Receiving packages XD 

Now i need to make something proper to eat ^_^ Important with proper meals and not just snacks, haha. Though snacks are just so much yummier.

^^When you realise that you actaully have a booty after so many years of being very flat!
Also... my tattoo, because i still love it so much (and hopefully always will. Thats the point afterall, the love of tattoos shouldnt fade.)


  1. I'm jealous of your butt! Haha :) and snacks are always so much deliciousness!

  2. Really hot legs:D And nice booty:D
    I feel weird saying that, and i am a girl:D

    1. Hahah. Girls complimenting girls = awesome!! :) Thank you!!