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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Old happy memories

Yesterday was a pretty sleepless night, i had far too many thoughts in my head which kept me up. So instead i decided to put on some calm music and fix the Lisbon photos into right folders as we are having a "photo showcase" (or what to call it?) today where those of us who have travelled in the past few months are going to show some of the photos we took. I then ended up going through 50% of my folders on my memory card and came across alot of good and bad photos and memories. So many photos of me while sick that had been stored away in a folder, in a folder, in a folder... i.e i had forgotten i had taken them, but also photos that others had taken of me while sick where i just look like death.. there is absaloutly no colour or energy in my face at all and my pupils are like solid black... you can almost see the anxiety and hate in my eyes. But i also found good memories... i found lots of photos from 2008-2009, i.e the start of my illness but it was more the start of controlling food and exercise and eating less rather than counting calories, feeling fat etc But also to see my 11/12 year old selfies... hahaha, Ohh the shame. But it is fun that i came across them, as they are still memories!!! And also to see my outfits..... they were definitely not anything fashionable, though not that that has changed! I also came across old happy memories where my smile was true and real and it definitely tugged at the strings of my heart.... to feel that freedom and that complete happiness. I miss being around friends who like taking lots of pictures... one of my friends who i lost contact with used to always take lots of pictures, and i love that. I love having pictures and memories, that is why i can take random pictures of my family and friends and such just because they are memories, caught in doing whatever they are doing. But also some memories you want caught on camera because when you look back on the pictures you remember all the good times, all the good feelings, the happiness and joy at the time the picture was taken... and i like that :)

Below are some (ok... a few) photos i found which put a smile on my face when i look at them.

A mix of photos from 2008 (I think) to 2013 (and then one photo from this year)? I have so many photos that i could post loads, but these are just some anyway, hahah.


  1. You are such a beautiful person :)

  2. Izzy you are so gorgeous and your gorgeous soul shines through when you smile!

  3. I agree -- your inner beauty and light is reflected in your heart! X

  4. You look so happy ♥ Beautiful!

  5. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you look more feminine before you had so much muscle. Not meaning you should be underweight but I like how feminine and girly you looked before all the sportiness and fitness lifestyle of muscle building. It's like you seem more defined by being yourself rather than fitness, running and strength training.

    1. Don't take this the wrong way but I think your comment was simply rude, and you seem more defined by the norms and standards of society than an actual insightful and open-minded human being. People are different, and why did you feel that Izzy needs to know you don't think she looks feminine? How was she supposed to take you comment the "right way". There is nothing constructive about your criticism. All I read is "you look less feminine now, than when you were anorexic and unhappy".

      I hope you feel better about youself now and won't feel the need to point out other people's "flaws" (that means, what is you definition of flaws).

      Btw: Izzy you are amazing, you look awesome and I hope you let the positive comments overcome the negative ones :) <3

    2. Uh yeah, idiot anonymous reader feeling the need to defend Izzy and lick her ass when I'm pretty sure she's fully capable of speaking and answering for herself and all your comment is is a nuisance. My statement wasn't as much an insult as a question about wjat one can easily perceive from reading her blog and honestly, we're all entitled to our opinions. Like I said, not anorexic or underweight but less bulky and muscular with gym on one's mind six days a week is what I'm questioning. Qho is she without and behind all that. So really, mind your own business and stop trying to be so righteous to defend her when she's fully capable of speaking for herself.

    3. Please dont be rude to each other... if you want an answer i am going to answer you in a post today.

    4. I don't know I wasn't allowed to speak up, while you were allowed to state your opinion... Thanks for calling me an idiot and saying I "lick her ass". I still find your first comment kind of insulting because that is the way she looks... And in your second comment you were insulting me, nice vibes.

      Anyways, I'm sorry I put another meaning into your original comment if you meant it to be a neutral question - and I interpret it otherwise :)

  6. ah izzy these pics made me smile and gave me some fight u look so pretty and happy and it was nice to see pics of your family too - happy times and memories to treasure xx