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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Saturday and 3 meals from today

I guess i should say Happy Halloween or something? :)

I am not the type of person who celebrates Halloween or enjoys it that much, i dont really see the point of it.... When you are a child its all about the candy and when you're a teenager its all about the partying. And well, the costumes as well i guess?

Ive been asked if i have any Halloween plans and nope... my halloween plans are to spend the evening on the sofa with my boyfriend and series watching, hahaha. Nothing special here, unless kids knock on the door with their "trick or treat-ing"... though i dont think we'll open because there is no candy to give here, haha. I have been invited to two different halloween parties though as it was unexpected i dont have a costume prepared and really amnt in the mood to party so i wont be going to either and there arent any regrets either. I'll catch up with my friends another time, maybe go for lunch or brunch instead, then you actually get to talk!!

Do you have any halloween plans? :) Ohhh... and dont forget to enjoy the chocolate and candy :)

On my side, i am not actually eating any candy/chocolate today... which should be surprising. But there has been far too much of it recently, i am not even going to go into the amounts eaten and now all i want is a break from chocolate, which i never thought i would say. Though i am pretty sure it wont take long until i'll be eating chocolate again, hahaha. Too much of anything is not a good thing anyway.

Today i started my day with a visit to the gym, first time in a week and it felt good to be back. I wasnt there so long and didnt do too much as it was a "easy start" back to the gym, but next week it will be full focus again and time for deadlifts which i have missed :) And then i headed to my boyfriends place to sit and study, though i have realised that i am very good at sitting and doing nothing..... a little too good at it. Also a little too good at giving myself breaks when i havent deserved them. Such as now.... i've done 30 minutes of work and now decided to give myself a blogging break (though i admit, this is the first time i have checked my blog since 8am this morning, and its now 5.30pm so i havent wasted too much time on blogging/social media). I have found something that helps me with maths and that is online video tutorials.... so much better than sitting with a book filled with problems and you dont know how to solve them and the answers page just gives the answer, no explanation of how to get that answer. So finally it feels like i am learning some stuff, though having to do roughly 40 pages of work until Monday is not an easy task, so this weekend it is full focus on studying.

And now i am going to continue with my studying, and below you see 3 of my meals:

Brekfast: Yoghurt, lots of muslie and berries & coffee and eggs.

Lunch (after my workout): Oven baked potatoes, carrots and aubergines. A smores questbar and a True Transparency.

Studying snack: Caramel pudding, salted nuts (more than this.. like 3 times the bowl) and another true Transparency... sometimes its nice to mix up my water with something else.

I hope you have a great weekend and evening!


  1. I've actually been asked out for Halloween.. unsure if I will go or not yet?

    I've never actually celebrated it, and (unlike my partying, younger University buddies), a slightly more sophisticated evening might not be a bad thing?!
    *Haha, I sound so dull!

    ..Gotta black dress and masque in mind ;)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and that you are able to have balanced study / rest time! X

    1. Both ideas sound great :) buy it might be fun on a date! I hope whatever you do you have a nice time... and a black dress & mask are always a good combination!!

      Thank you, have a lovely weekend!

  2. love your starbucks mug! i used to have the same one but it broke:( haha
    have a great Halloween!, not doing much myself just been carving pumpkins:) xo

    1. I've only carved pumpkins once... its super difficult and I've never understood how some people make such fancy carved pumpkins! ! I hope you have a nice weekend :)