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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mental tiredness and physical hunger

Good afternoon :)

It's currently 4pm here in Sweden and at the moment i feel like 1) sleeping for several hours because i am so mentally tired, 2) going for a long walk because physcically i have lots of energy and 3) eating the whole content of the fridge and cabinets because i am so hungry.

All day today i have been so hungry, no matter how much i have eaten. I have felt full for roughly 20 minutes before i am hungry again, even if i have eaten big portions and very often. It's just one of those days where i am going to eat lots, and lots more than usual (wouldnt surprise me if i manage to eat anywhere from 4000-6000kcal today). No i dont count, but just because i dont count doesnt mean that i amnt aware of how much calories is in food, its just that the number doesnt bother me or stop me from eating!

Otherwise i got a few things done today, but not as much as i had hoped or planned. After a while i ended up so mentally tired that i was irritated about every little thing and everyone, so i needed to just go to my room and be alone for a while. My mind just said... you need to eat and rest, because nothing productive is going to get done when i feel like falling asleep in the chair. So thats what i have done for the past 30 minutes and now i am wondering whether i should continue just lying in bed, or whether i should do something productive, maybe take the dog for a short walk, then maybe start getting some other things done.... or maybe i will just continue lying here, and feeling unproductive and tired. I really dont know what i will choose to do, because both options seem pretty good :)

It's also fun that so many of you were interested in food swaps, so i am going to reply to all of you either this evening or tomorrow :) Its exciting for me to get to try all these different foods/candies etc This is one of the fun parts of blogging and social media, getting to know people and having contact with people all around the world! Internet and social media has its pros and cons :)


  1. What are your thoughts about the movie or book "the secret"? :)

    1. I havent read or seen "the secret" so not really sure. Would you recommend it?

    2. It is about the law of attraction. It was quite big 5 or more years ago. I am not sure yet what to think about this theory, but everyone should check this out. :)

  2. Do you have any other interests than food and exercise? :)

    1. Reading; taking photos, baking (though I guess that counts as food) :)( but those are my biggest interests and what I want to work with :)

    2. Ok :) maybe you can blog some more about that? It would be nice to know some other things that you do daily :)

  3. Love that you are embracing your hunger!!! :)