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Friday, October 23, 2015

Job interview

Friday morning and it was time for a job interview! I'm not going to say what it was yet just incase I don't get it. There are quite a few others who have applied for the job, but I can atleast be happy wuth the fact that they personally asked me if I wanted to apply for the job - otherwise I don't think I would have applied. 

To get to the office where the interview was going to be I headed out to a place I've never been before so that was kind of exciting... does anyone else like travelling to new places? Of course there is lots of confusion and not trying to look  like it is my first time there, haha.

I was super nervous for the interview.... I mean what should I say? What should I do? But in the end, it's just to be myself and answer the questions without wandering off topic which I managed to do anyway. Haha. After the interview I actually felt really good, I'll get to know if I get the job or not in 2-3 weeks but I'm actually excited about the job. It wouldn't be anything overwhelming but just something fun and to give me some more purpose to my life. So now I do hope I get the job, it would be so much fun.  But I hate getting let down so I don't know how to think at the moment.  I'll just have to wait and see and if I am best for the job they'll choose me, but if there is someone else who suits the job better then I guess it's good it goes to them!

I also got a "goodybag" after the interview... I mean I can't complain about that :)

(The nutrilett is weightloss and diet products... so dont really recommend those. I get these free, but i dont promote them ;) ) Infact i rarely eat protein bars, not even questbars so often as i prefer to eat real food... but im sure the Maxim bars might be good to bring with me to school when i plan to stydt afterwards, then its a good source of quick energy :)

This afternoon it's a few hours of maths studying and then I'll go to my boyfriends house for the weekend! Today feels so much better than yesterday and it feels so great. The sun is shining and I'm feeling positive while yesterday my only thoughts about life were "I don't want to anymore ". As I like to say, never make spontaneous decisions on extreme emotions... Instead take deep breathes and focus on a new day!

Now.... food and study and then turn off internet on my phone as that is far too distracting at the moment and i would rather sit on social media than try to use my brain to do maths, haha.

Have a lovely Friday everyone!!


  1. Hi Izzy!
    I really hope you get the job :) You looked good. Where did you find that cute skirt?

    Have a great weekend! Any special plans?

    1. Thank you :) I hope I do as well, even if it will be alot to think about constantly. Haha.

      I bought it from Gina tricot! No plans, mostly.maths study and spend time with my boyfriend. I hope you have a good weekend, do you have any plans? :)

    2. The skirt suits you so well :) It´s studying for me too. Maybe a calm walk later this sunday.