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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Its national chocolate day (& wednesday update)

I have to start off this post by saying its national chocolate day today....  So .... go eat some chocolate :):):) hahahah, i mean do what you want.. but why miss an oppertunity like this to eat chocolate on a wednesday to celebrate the chocolate day? :)

After little sleep last night because 1) I was up late finding my book and 2) the ending of the book left me irritated and 3) not doing anything left me restless sl I tossed and turned until I fell asleep sometime after 2am and then up at 5.45am...  usch. But I did wake up anyway and that's the good thing as I thought I would sleep past my alarm.

I got to school and after giving myself a 20 minute pepp talk of "I can do this... I can do this", I felt a little motivated and ready. And that lasted until half way through the class, I. E after 2 hours. Then the tiredness hit and I began thinking about everything  I head learnt. After 20 minutes break and it was just 2 hours left.

My plan was to go to extra maths help afterwards but I had reached that state of mental exhaustion and mental capacity. Hahah. When you have learnt so much new stuff that you know that you can't learn anything more. .. that you just need a break. And doing almost 6 hours of maths in a row... It just didn't feel beneficial so instead I headed home and fell asleep for a few hours!! They say that taking a nap after you learn something new helps you to remember and understand it better? So maybe it works!! I'm going to look over the information again this afternoon and then tomorrow it's time to out all the formulas and such into practise.

For lunch it was roast vegetables, simple, delicious,  nutritious and filling and i also got to try the new pumpkin pie questbar!! A friend and reader sent me a package - a little birthday package - filled with chocolate and questbars. It put a huge smile on my face :) Chocolate and questbars are two favourites of mine and is always a good way to cheer me up!!

(Apparently its national chocolate day so of course i had to eat chocolate, even if i have consumed far too much chocolate recently XD And this one was super delicious!!!)

What was my opinion on the questbar? It was kind of dry, but i am going to try heat up the remaining half and see if it tastes better :)

Have you tried the new flavour? Did you think it was any good?
Also want to mention... when you know you can run 10km and feel fine but taking the stairs in school leaves you breathless.... not so good!! It's a good thing with a few days rest, haha!!

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  1. Hi Izzy! I've just started my recovery and therefore also been diagnosed with anorexia. Although i am not dangerously underweight, 45kg to 160 cm, i need to gain weight. I am wondering how I am supposed to eat? Is 2000 kcal a day enough? I have not been able to excerise do to pain in my hips and my low energy level but i walk alot! Approximately 20 000 steps every day. What do you think i should do?

    I love your blog and it has made me see why i should recover and why i want to recover!

    Hope you are well and understand my question!