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Monday, October 12, 2015

Hoping for a productive day

Waking up after a little more than 8 hours sleep and despite still feeling a little tired i have this feeling that today will be a productive day. I have a mental list of all my "to do's" but i should write them on paper because one of the best feelings is striking over something once you have gotten it done.

So i am thinking that once i am done and ready then it's gym time and then im going to buy myself lunch and go sit in a library and make sure to get my stuff done. Being at home is a place of unproductivity. I just feel tired and unmotivated and dont feel like working while im at home. Even while i was studying in school i often went to the library and could spend 3-6 hours sitting there and getting my stuff done. I like libraries, as long as there arent children screaming or running into the study rooms every 5 seconds. Do you have any favourite place to study or work?

I have also gotten into the maths course (before hand i was only preliminarily chosen, and whether i got to study or not depended on how many people had applied for the course. Too many, and i wouldnt be the first chosen and too little applied, then the course wouldnt be going.) But i got the letter home last week and i have gotten into the course, and i am thinking i will study. It's only 50%, meaning 8 hours a week & homework but it can be a good start to getting back into routines again. I've always liked maths and been somewhat good at it, and i guess it doesnt hurt to have that extra knowledge in maths, so i guess it can only be positive. Apart from the stress, but as it is only one subject and not so many hours a week i shouldnt be overwhelmed with stress, but i will have the time to really sit and work and if i get stuck i can ask my step brothers (who are awesome at maths) for help.  So that course starts next week and is 9 weeks long. (I.e learning a whole years worth of maths in high school in 9 weeks.... could either be a good thing or a really really bad thing. )

First up i need to get ready for the day, make myself some coffee, take a shower and then start getting busy! Kind of feeling like my old self again today, or atleast this morning anyway.... when this "lets get shit done and be productive" mindset kicks in i feel a little better. Because one of the worst things for me is when i cant seem to get things done, when i cant make myself get things done whether its due to physical or mental tiredness. That just makes me feel even worse and sometimes the hardest step is starting, so then i just never start and i just feel worse and worse. But today i am going to atleast start on things, as that is the first step!!

I hope you all have a great Monday and  a great week :) Make today a good day!!! Do something that will make you happy and make sure to smile atleast once today - and hopefully a genuine smile. Look at some funny videos or memes or talk to a friend or something. Something that can make you feel  happy and positive!!

^^hahahah, i know that feeling.

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