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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life

Stop saying that you will be happy once you have lost weight.

Stop saying you will be happy once you weigh X kilo.

Stop saying you will be happy when you look a certain way.

Stop saying you will be happy when you have gotten through your exams.

Stop saying you will be happy once you have gotten your degree or graduated.

Stop saying you will be happy in summer.

Stop saying you will be happy next week.

Stop saying you will be happy tomorrow.

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life... a journey. Of course it is possible to be happy at certain times, have things to look forward to that bring you happiness. But you cant control life... that trip you have been longing for might end up being cancelled due to reasons, or maybe that concert you have been waiting for you cant go to. Or maybe you say you will be happy after your exams but then you are already stressed about your next exams..... stop saying tomorrow, because tomorrow is never certain. But right now is... and the best you can do is to make the best of your current situation. To try to be happy in the now.

If we live our lives just waiting for the future, thinking... "things will get better in the future, i will be happy in the future" it is like we waste life. Just waiting..... life is only a limited amout of time, a persons life is not inifnity (or i guess i should say life in your human body and consciousness, incase others believe that you still live on after death - and everyone is allowed their opinions).

Not everyday is good.... i definitely know that. There are times you just want to jump infront of a car or refuse to get out of bed or you just want to completely disappear for a while... but its not a life to always feel that way. And this is a reminder for myself, because even if this isnt just a "phase" and its not something i can control either, so i am not guilt shaming anyone by writing this. But i am trying to remind myself as well, that life is limited... that we should make the best of the situation and make the best of now.

Happiness is your way of life, that is why you should live a life that makes you happy, but also makes you healthy... because those things go hand in hand!

I dont know where i am going with this post, but i just felt like writing the above.... that we need to embrace now. Because who knows what will happen tomorrow... nobody knows. Shit happens and tragic things happen and we cant control them. So live a life that makes you happy, live a life you can enjoy even if times are tough sometimes. All we can do is make today great and be thankful for the day.

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