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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Everyone has struggles

"The sad thing is, nobody ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting. We could be standing next to somebody who is completely broken and we wouldn’t even know it.

— (via weltenwellen)

I read the quote above this morning and it struck me, because even if i have mentioned it several times before, it's always good to have a reminder. That everyone is struggling in some way. Maybe not always and everyone has different struggles, but that doesnt mean that others struggles arent justified.

Often when i am on public transport i can start wondering about other peoples lives. I mean, we are all the center of attention in our own lives. Our lives revolve around ourselves and we see things from our own perspectives and views. How we percieve and remember things are all based on our own backgrounds, our identities and our views. We see things in different ways and at times "see what we want to see" and remember what we want to remember, hence why events might not be remembered in the same way by 2 or more people, even if you saw the same things. It's good to be aware of others as well and know that you arent the only one struggling. But also to be kind to others always. Help strangers, be kind to friends and family, because you never really know what people are going through. People dont always say exactly how they feel or what is weighing them down. People could be struggling without you knowing it, so it is always important to be kind to people.

Also, to tell people how you feel because you never know what could happen. Life is crazy and weird things happen, so remind the people you care about that you care about them! That can be a good start/end to your day :)

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