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Friday, October 9, 2015

Days when you hate yourself *negative post*

Yesterday was a day where I absaloutly hated myself. And it was not a physical hate, but just hating myself.... hating how I felt. Hating my behaviour , my actions,  my thoughts,  personality. It felt scary to felt that way, that incredible hate where I couldn't stand myself. I didn't want to. I didn't want to continue being me.... I didn't want to continue living and being myself. I hated myself for feeling this way.... and that made me feel even worse. Because shouldn't I be able to just turn that off? Just think,  I an fine as i am. Sure we all have flaws but I shouldn't have to disappear,  but I could not think that way at all. Instead I was stuck in a bubble of self hate and did not know what to do with myself.  Instead I had to keep myself calm and keep trying to think rationally and know that those feelings will pass and that acting irrationally or spontaneously on such strong feelings would not have been good.

One thing which scares me though is that recently I was talking to my boyfriend and mentioned the fact that I would never cheat on him and he said he wasn't worried about that, but he was more worried that I would do something stupid and the unfortunate thing is that I couldn't say anything against that. I knew I couldn't promise him that I wouldn't do anything stupid, because I already have at times. And I don't make promises I  can't hold. I know I can promise him that I won't cheat but I can't promise him that I won't do anything stupid and that scares me... Because sometimes I feel like I will end up really hurting him and not in the sense of cheating,  but by doing something stupid to myself. It scares me at times to have a relationship and to feel this way,because I know it isn't fair to him... I know he could find someone so much better than me. Someone who didn't have my problems.  But also that I don't want to end up hurting him because of myself... its these types of thoughts I have sometime. I feel it's a bit like "it's not you... its me" because the truth is, it is me.... but I know I won't be this way forever but for now I just feel bad for everyone who is around me and I don't understand why they would want to spend time with me when I can at times hate myself so much.

I know this post isnt very positive or inspiring and not what i post so often on here, but i felt that i needed to write this out. Get it out of my system and thoughts, but also be honest on here. Not everyday is a good day. And that was yesterday... today its more of a physical hating myself, but these types of days are easier - i dont have them so often, and disliking my body is easier to cope with than the days when i truly hate myself and cant stand to be me anymore. Hopefully one day, soon these thoughts will be gone and i can be happy about myself and life again. For now, just taking each day as it comes and trying to find the positives about each day.


  1. I am sorry you are feeling this way but don't you think that you are being hypocritical by giving out advice when you are struggling so much yourself? Shouldn't you seek help for yourself before you tell others to seek help? I don't want to be rude, but should you really give advice if you struggle yourself?

  2. So sorry that you are feeling this way. You really shouldn´t feel hate towards yourself <3 You are worthy of happiness and all the love that your family and boyfriend shows towards you. Be forgiving and merciful to yourself. But also remember it is okey to feel down and have bad days and you don´t have to apologize about feeling down.
    I really hope you feel better soon <3

    I made something really delicious out of pumpkin today :) Fried some kale, chickpeas and oven baked pumpkin in coconut oil in a pan. Added salt, cayenne pepper and cumin. Tasted so good!


  3. Yes we all have bad days, weeks etc. I tend to take out my negative feelings on those around me, and then feel even worse. Thanks for sharing Izzy and for being so honest. You are human after all. x

  4. Izzy, im so sorry that you are struggeling at the momement but at the same time im glad that you share this on your blog. Mostly because I think it helps you to write those feelings down similar to when you first started blogging. Besides if you wonder wether your readers gets tired of 'negative' posts then all can say is that in some weird way reading your thoughts about depression somehow helps me and my struggle and helps rationalize those dark thoughts. I hope you'll feel better soon and that you get the help you need :)

  5. i highly suggest you seek therapy to figure the root of this now dragged on depression.

  6. I know this overwhelming pain..

  7. I can also relate to this, and often find myself thinking the same sorts of things, I am sorry you've being feeling this way, and it helps to get it out and share it with others, you are so strong! keep going, i hope you feel better soon xx