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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Breaking habits and routines

I am a routine and habit person 100% . I admit that it is a control thing, though i am no way as stuck to my routines and habits as i once was. Before i couldnt do anything different and things had to go exactly as i had planned them in my head. Life had to follow my routines and habits otherwise i would start panicking and feel anxiety.

For me now a days having my routines and habits is like a form of control, because i like having some type of control it gives me a peace of mind, though i also know that i cant control life and life doesnt go the way as planned. But if i had no routines or habits i would not feel good at all, i wouldnt know what to do and when and there would be no structure in my life.

I do admit that having alot of routines and habits can also become a sort of prison and sort of boring.... Doing the same thing all the time, i dont have a problem with it, but from the outside it can look boring i guess and at times i wish there was more adventure and spontaniety in my life. But i do know that i am comfortable living my life like this, i dont have a problem with my daily habits. But stepping outside of your comfort zone is also important in life, living a little different... doing different things. One thing i can say though is that when you live life with routines then suddenly when you do something different its like "wow, that was super fun and different.... living life on the edge. High on life..." type of feeling, though all you really did was come home at 11pm after being out with friends or going for an evening walk instead of staying in like you usually do. hahahah. I am like that anyway, everything feels a little more special even if really it isnt. But when you do the same things all the time, then anything different is special.

So what is the point of this post you may ask? That i think it is important to do different things, to not get stuck in your daily routines... you dont have to be wild and crazy and have no structure, but sometimes think about doing something different. Wake up at 10am instead of 8am (on a weekend or something), go for a walk/run in a different route or go to the gym/workout at a different time than normal, take the bus or tube somewhere different, or just travel to the end of a line or somewhere you have never been before. Pack a picnic basket and go eat lunch or dinner with friends outside somewhere, or how about pack with you breakfast and go for a bicycle ride or run/walk somewhere and then sit and eat breakfast somewhere along the way (or a snack, if you like to eat breakfast before hand!), go to the cinema in the middle of the day if you have time.  Find a course or something which interests you and begin doing that... at first its different, but then eventually becomes a part of routine and habit, but it can be fun to start something new.

This is advice for myself as well.... do different things. Because in the end, who wants to live a life where you do the same thing each day, everyday. There is more to life than that and its the special moments which you will remember alot more than all those nights where you did the same thing each day. So every once in a while, step outside of your comfort zone and your routines and do something different... because after all, thats where the magic happens!!! :)


  1. Totally agree! I am used to routine and doing roughly similar things most days -- in terms of 6 meals spaced out and then in-between a general routine (with study or whatever else).

    However, the days where I came home late after being out with buddies, or having gone somewhere for like a 'day trip' new, or done a dance class, or went for a walk somewhere I'd not explored in the middle of a day - really felt fab! May not seem that awesome, but to have a change and meet new people or different scenery or even watch a film and have dinner later.. change is fun!

    Structure is good too though.

  2. Sorry, if it is too curious, but what kind of person is your boyfriend?
    And, does he actually know that you are going through a hard time at the moment?

    You are are great person, love your blog!!

    1. Thank you :) And i answered your questions in a post :)

  3. Hey, don't feel bad about being a creature of habit! Studies have actually proven that the majority of humans function best when they have a routine. I'm definitely one of those kinds of humans. It was developing a routine that helped break me out of my depression. I think the key is to know the difference between a routine and a rut, and to also have the ability to adapt to changes (not being controlled by the routine). I am very attached to my routine, but am able to break from it when things come up. And on my days off I aim to have a good mix of my "day off, relaxing" routine, and open or spontaneous plans, or else plan in advance new and fun things to try or do. I think if you get upset, or can't handle, your routine being disrupted, then that is when it's time to worry. Otherwise, enjoy your routine because it does give one a sense of place and control in the world, and increases productivity as well. Embrace it if you love your habits (so long as they are healthy!) We can't all be spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants types of people. It doesn't mean you're boring or uptight - it just means you are thoughtful, a planner, enjoy comfort, and knowing what's happening. And despite what media and society say and encourage, that IS the way most humans do best in life. Just some thoughts from a fellow creature of habit :)

    1. Yes exactly :) I think that as long as you arent controlled by the routines and you dont panic as soon as things are different then there is no harm in beĆ­ng a creature of habit. Every once in a while its good to do something different, try something new just so that your whole life isnt the same thing each day, everyday. Though thats my opinion. Everyone is different and the most important thing is that you are truly happy with your life and lifestyle!