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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bigorexia/ Muscle dysmorphia

The term Bigorexia, i.e muscle dysmorphia hasnt been used for so long but i think in todays society it is a problem, for both males and females though it seems to mainly guys who have it. I.e they are obsessed with being muscular, with having more muscles and looking bigger and they suffer from a form of body dysmorphia as they always feel small no matter how big or muscley they may be. And it becomes an obsession and can take over their lives, always trying to build muscle and they go on extreme diets to try to achieve that goal and they never feel good enough. The quote "The day you started strength is the day you become forever small" is basically how it is. And i can relate to that quote in a way because once you begin strength training it can be hard to feel "good enough", you compare yourself to others and even if you have muscles and visible muscles you feel like they arent big enough or defined enough and for some it goes so far that they become sick/end up with a disorder/eating disorder because of their obsession with their body, food and exercise.

I think its important to be aware about orthorexia, anorexia athletica and bigorexia (though this isnt an official diasnosis, i dont think) and some dont think orthorexia is an official illness or diganoses. However, when someone cant sit down, spends almost all day exercising and eats only "clean" food and is completely obsessed with body image, clean eating and exercise then that isnt healthy even if people seem to think that the person is just "very disciplined and has alot of self control" that is not the truth. I believe orthorexia is an eating disorder and a very dangerous one because people can survive living like that, even if they live in a hell each day but because of societies standards now people can get away with their eating disorder alot longer until they reach the point that they realise that it isnt life, it is surviving and they need to change.

However, it is important to mention that eating disorders ARE mental illnesses and certian behaviours dont necessarily mean that someone has an eating disorder, however they may have disordered eating, but it is not the same thing. There are many people who do yo-yo dieting and follow lots of weird diets, but dont actaully have an eating disorder, they just want to try to lose weight or control their eating, but dont know how so they use diets. But when someone is completely obsessed and controlled by their eating, exercise, body image then it becomes a problem. And its usually the person themselves that knows deep inside that they have a problem even if they dont want to admit.
  Because in all honesty, once you begin googling an eating disorder or looking for symptoms or thinking "you arent sick enough" or "not sick enough to recieve help at the moment" those are signs that you are already sick, because normal people dont do that or think like that.

An article about bigorexia HERE

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