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Friday, October 23, 2015

Answers - food related

your food pictures always look so good but doesnt it take time to do that ... like take time to cook the fod and then make it look good and then take photos? does the food go cold ? and how long does it take you to make your food and photo it ?
Well i only photo like 30% of what i eat so it is not like i spend lots of time each time i eat, it is just sometimes i spend a little extra time. If i am making something like oatmeal it doesnt tae so long maybe 10-15 minutes which includes cooking, presenting, finding good lighting, photoing.... and the oatmeal doesnt go cold by then :) But if i make waffles or pancakes it can take 30-45 minutes to make (But that is because i am so bad at making pancakes/waffles) and then i plate it up, find good light and take some photos (i the pancakes turned out good, if they didnt then i dont take photos) and by then the first few pancakes/waffles might have gotten a little cold, but they would have anyway because it takes so long to make the pancakes or waffles so the first few have alot of "waiting around" (hahaha) to do before i eat them :) I enjoy doing it, so i dont mind and i dont spend an excessive time cooking or making food and dont sepnd an excessive time photoing food either.

Do you eat protein supplements, and if so - why? :)

Mostly casein and BCAA. I only really use whey protein powder when i am in school as it is a good "snack" to have and actually fills me up, and then on random occasions when i have eaten little protein all day (of course there is protein in most foods so im not worried about eating "too little" but i wanted a little higher protein intake) then i might drink a shake, but otherwise i dont use whey protein powder. I dont really need it in my diet as i alreayd have a high protein intake from food and would much rather eat whole foods than drink protein powder. But i do eat casein 1-4 times a week and that is because i think it tastes sooooo good. I love casein so that is a great snack or i use it to make protein fluff, however now its a little cold for protein fluff, that is more of a summer thing for me. And then i drink BCAA before i go for walks or runs - as i often do that on an empty stomach, so then it is good to drink BCAA. And i also like the taste of BCAA, but i am trying to not consume it too much at the moment as apparently it can be linked to depression (?), though i do still drink True Transparency BCAA once every second or third day.

would you ever eat a deep fried mars bar?

Hahah, i remember the first time i heard about this i was in Ireland for christmas 2010 and i had met my friends and they wanted to go buy one..... the panic i felt at that moment. Just the sound of it made me feel sick and i wondered, "what type of crazy human being would ever come up with such a monstrosity" . However, now my thoughts have changed a little. Granted i think deep frying sweet stuff is a little unnecessary? There are sooo many deep fried things and i dont see the point of it. But sure, i would be willing to try one.... would i eat the whole thing? If i liked it i most probably would.

what foods would you really like to try but haven't tried yet? maybe it could be like a new food of the week or maybe we could send you the food you'd like to try if you can't get it. I'm from england. any english foods/brands you want to try?

Hmmm.... the foods i want to try are more "Limited editions" of things and food from other countries which i have never tried before. Foods i want to try... but have been lazy to try them XD French toast, pancakes with nutella inside of them (made while cooking), nutella cake (ingredients are only nutella and egg, i think?), home made carrot bread, the new pumpkin questbar flavour, limited edition Ben and Jerrys and limited edition chocolate flavours. Dunkin donuts, nutella pizza etc etc

Those are the foods i can think of now, but i am sure there are lots of foods i want to try! Not sure if i am going to do a food of the week... i once considered doing a "fear food challenge" where you would comment one of your fear foods which you wanted to tackle that week or following week and then it would be like a challenge for that week that we would eat that fear food and i would either make a video or just pictures when i ate that food... to show that it is ok. But then i thought it was a little silly, i mean sure i can eat those foods and i have no problem whether its pizza, mc donalds, burgers, nutella etc but i thought it would be a little silly sitting infront of a camera eating a food to "Prove " i was eating it? But if it is something that interests someone i am sure i can do it, but it was more that i want all of my readers to also dare to eat the fear food.... that my readers could encourage one another to eat and to try different foods and then you would know that you arent alone in your fears or fear foods, but that others (i.e my other readers) could eat a fear food and so can you.... but it would also require honesty about whether you did it or not. But then there is the fact that i might trigger others... because what if i a certain fear food isnt a fear food of theres and then suddenly it does become a fear food as they get triggered by it..... so the whole idea became very confusing XD

I dont really know which brands/food there is in England so i dont really know, but i love trying new stuff in all honesty. Whether its salty or sweet (apart from spicy) and just trying new stuff - usually in the way of snack stuff. When it comes to main meals i am supering boring, but trying to vary what i eat for dinners and lunches more but we always have the same foods at home so it is hard to vary at times XD


  1. Really smart thinking not to do that fear food thing. You don´t need to prove anything.
    The thing I would like to try is savory oatmeal or go to a oatmeal restaurant ;D But we don´t have any where I live. I´ve heard and read about this one place in London so definitely need to travel just to try a oatmeal restaurant :)

    1. Oh my god, I have never heard of an oatmeal restaurant. But I know there is a cereal restaurant in London? Or somewhere in the u.k anyway :)

  2. I think that "fear food challenge" sounds amazing!! Of course people would have to be honest with themselves and made sure that they were actually eating the fear food. But if it was one food a week that we all did, it could be like a whole other support group! And regarding the "you might not be triggered by it but then you become triggered" it could just be foods that are generally fear foods. I am struggling at the moment to get over my fear foods, but I am at the stage where I WANT to get over them...I am just having some difficulties. Too many calories, etc. Anyway, I would vote yes on the "fear food challenge" but then again it is YOUR blog and so you should do whatever YOU want to do. Love you Izzy!!

    1. That was what I was thinking, a type of support group. .. though I think the whole thing might be a little confusing and might not really work. So I would prefer to get more opinions on it before I decide anything, though like I mentioned in the post it would feel a little weird sitting and filming myself eat, haha. .. I could do it though if there were more people interested. .. but I don't really know.

    2. It would be weird. And how do would you then know that those foods are actually someones fear foods and not just trying to challenge you Izzy and see how far you will go? And what would you do if someones fear food would be a giant bacon beef burger?

    3. Yes exactly... I think the whole idea is a little unrealistic. And if that were to happen I mean I would eat a veggie burger monies the bacon ;) but I don't think the idea would work out, even if I would like to help you all. But then I think it would be more fun to meet readers in person and go eat something and just be social while eating :)

    4. A much better idea :) To show support face to face

  3. Hey lovely, with the bcranched chain amino acids and depression link, it is because some of the BCAAs affect the uptake of tryptophan, because they have the same "transporter". Tryptophan is needed to make serotonin- the "mood" neurotransmitter"- and so high BCAAs can decrease serotonin. There's a school of thought that says that BCAAs with tyrosine added can make the effect a bit better. Choi S, Disilvio B, Fernstrom MH, Fernstrom JD. Oral branched-chain amino acid supplements that reduce brain serotonin during exercise in rats also lower brain catecholamines. Amino Acids. 2013 Aug 1
    PS- humans aren't rats :) :) so the effect might not "actually" exist

    1. Ohh ok thank you for that clarification :) I don't really think the bcaa is what is causing me to feel this way, but too much of anything is never good :)