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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Answer - comment about my body

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you look more feminine before you had so much muscle. Not meaning you should be underweight but I like how feminine and girly you looked before all the sportiness and fitness lifestyle of muscle building. It's like you seem more defined by being yourself rather than fitness, running and strength training.

I hadn't planned to answer this question, mainly because i didnt see the point of answering it... not so sure what am i supposed to say? That that is your opinion and great to know that you have an opinion on my body. But the person who commented seemed to want my reply, so i thought i would reply in a post.

If i am going to be honest with you... i wasnt happy in my body back then. Or i mean, i accepted my body i had reached a healthy weight and was focusing on self love and body acceptance, but i didnt feel happy in my body. My arms were still too skinny in my own opinion and i felt weak. But also from the photos i guess you are referring to, i was doing far more exercise back then than i was now. But all i did was cardio... i was doing roughly 1-2 hours cardio a day and had little energy for anything else. I was not necessarily in a happy or balanced place. But then at the start of 2013 i began focusing on strength training and lowering the amount of cardio i did. Of course i love cardio so that is still a part of my life its just that i dont do it in excessiveness and its not a must but an enjoyment when i do it. So in the terms of being "defined by exercise" now that is not true. I create my own identitiy and like i have written many times before, exercise is PART of my life not my whole life. But it will always be a part of my life, however it isnt my identity.

And when it comes to femininity this strikes a chord because one of the things i have been quite insecure about is that fact that i do have more visible muscles than the "typical" girl. And for a while i thought about not strength training because i thought, no one will ever like me or like how i look. But you know what, i have come to the stage where i dont care... i strength train and exercise because i enjoy it. If it changes my body, so what... its an enjoyment so i will continue. And luckily i have found an awesome guy who likes me just the way i am, and doesnt mind that i strength train and maybe have "more muscle".. but in all honesty. I amn't even so muscley.... there are people far more defined and muscled than I am, so i am not so worried about being "too muscley" because that wont happen with my body type. The important thing is that I am happy with the way i look and THAT is what matters but also that I am healthy in my body and mind and not to mention that I love my lifestyle.

My life is not exercise or muscle building, like mentioned before... if i wanted to change my body or build muscle i would workout differently than I do now. I workout because its fun and what i enjoy doing, not because i want to be super ripped and i definitely dont spend all day thinking about exercise or spend all day exercising. Remember that what i post is roughly 10% of my day and there are only certain thoughts i post, not everything i think about.... not really sure if i should begin posting "went to the store to buy pens... went to the bathroom 5 times, washed my face, did the dishwasher, did the laundry, went with my mum to the foodstore, lay in bed for 2 hours..." "thought about how much coffee i drink, thought about redcorating my room, thought about my future, laughed at funny memes etc etc" just to show that my life is more than what i post on here? 

I feel that your comment is a little unnecessary. The only time a person should comment about someone elses body is when 1) they are a doctor or someone trying to help the person because 2) it is due to health reasons. Otherwise it seems a little unnecssary to comment about someones appearance. I mean what am i supposed to do... stop strength training - the thing i love - just because an anonymous person has told me i amnt so feminine anymore?

And if you want to know more about me... more about the person without exercise then read THIS post.

There you have my answer, and maybe you should rethink why you made this comment... or what it was you were trying to achieve by making the comment?

You might not think i look god, but i think i look great and the only opinion that matters in this case is my own.

P.s don't attack the person who made the comment. I didn't make this post for comments but because the person expressed their opinions on my blog I think I have a right to express my own opinions back. And when it comes to someone having other opinions about my body, sure they can think differently bit the only opinion that matters is mine. Not everyone will like me, it's not my job to please everyone and make everyone like me. People will always think differently and some will hate me np matter what I do and doesn't even matter that they don't know me... They've just decided to hate, and that's their issues not mine.


  1. You go girl!!! :D <3 <3

  2. Umm I'm sorry... What? I don't know what planet you live on, but Izzy is gorgeous! Since when did 'weak' become 'feminine'? Feminine is putting on perfume, maybe a skirt and being capable. And that's what izzy is. She also exercises and does exercises she enjoys which just so happens to give her definition- something most people strive for. Healthy is the new skinny. Izzy is healthy and has a hot bod!

  3. don't you think it is a little ironic to post tons of pictures of yourself almost every day, but not "allowing" anyone to comment on them? Or rather to call anything that you dont agree with rude or unneccessary.
    Sorry, but publishing these pictures online automatically leads to reactions. Just because they don't reflect your own opinion, doesn't mean they are rude.. I am not aiming at being rude either, i just think it is a little hypocritical..

    1. I don't post pictures of myself everyday and I don't post them for comments. ... I post pictures to mix it up and not just have text. And sometimes I post more pictures of myself, other times less.... and just because I post a picture of myself doesn't mean you need to comment or that I want a comment. It's not hypocritical of me... people can have opinions, I get that but they don't always have to voice them unless it will contribute to something or add positivity. I mean I don't go up to people at the gym and say... wow you're always at the gym, do you have an addiction or something? What do you do besides the gym? And I don't go up to people and say... wow,you should lose some muscle, you are losing your femininity. It's the same thing when you comment on a persons blog it's just that you aren't standing opposite them and saying it. I mean if the person wanted to know more about what I do or who I am as a person, they could have rephrased it alot better....

    2. I dont understand either why people need to make comments about ones appearance..Would you make negative comments when walking on the streets about how you think that person looks ugly and that person has a big nose? No, that is rude, you are not a 5-year old child who doesnt know better.
      I have a question for the person who made this comment. Would you like when someone tells you to the face that you look ugly, or you are not attractive, or not feminine etc?

    3. I don't see the connection. No one said that izzy is ugly or bad looking. The person just stated she prefers a more feminine instead of a sporty look. And this is not a big nose or whatever example you gave, it is a look izzy aimed for because she didn't feel well in her small body. That izzy doesn't agree with this comment then is clear and totally fine. But I just don't see the need to make a fuzz of this, i wouldn't even bother to make a special post for this comment and just ignore it. Posting pictures online naturally leads to one or another comment and if you think it is rude why bother with this Person and lower your Standards..

    4. I hadnt planned on answering the comment as there is no point really.. i mean that is their opinion and thats fine. Well the comment is kind of rude, but more that it is unnecessary. But i guess i get far worse comments than this weekly so i dont take the comment personally, some would say its part of blogging to get these types of comments.

  4. Honestly, no one should say anything about another person’s body. Nothing warrants a comment so obscene like that and I find it irresponsible for people to feel the need to speak out about another person’s vanity. It’s wrong.

    1. That's how I think as well... its a little unnecessary unless it's for health reasons.

  5. Since when did loving yourself become a crime? This is her blog which she posts pictures to keep things interesting and because she can't post pictures of her family on here. Anyway, izzy is showing people that you can love your body after you're weight restored. and she is far from 'too muscular'. She has muscle, yes. But she isn't 'butch' or lack femininity because of it. She has the same amount of muscle as all the sporty girls in my school.

  6. Everyone is beautiful, inside and out, as they are!

    Surely, if one is to 'recover' from anorexia, it is more about seeing the beauty within that matters -- who really cares about the outer shell living up to 'stereotypical' standards?

    You choose if you look after your physical health -- same as you choose to act in a way that's beautiful on the inside!

    Izzy you are lovely and special.. so are others too!! X