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Monday, October 19, 2015

2 new oreo flavours

This Monday has gone by in super fast speed and everything has just zoned into one... with little space inbetween.

I had my informational meeting for my course which starts on Wednesday. The meeting was 1 hour long but after 30 minutes i felt myself feeling unfocused and couldnt concentrate. My eyes kept wandering around, my body telling me that it was a good place to just fall asleep right then but also my stomach was alot. The type of cramps and nauesous feeling i get when i eat something that my stomach doesnt like but today it wasnt due to that as food hadnt been number one today or even had so much time to eat, so i didnt know why my stomach was hurting so much. But i sat through the next 30 minutes and took deep breathes to try to focus on the woman speaking and not the pain in my stomach. I then began thinking... if i can only sit and concentrate for 30 minutes before feeling very tired and losing focus, how will i manage 4 hours (with a small break at some point) ? So a little worried about that, but i guess the first 2 weeks might be tough also considering the early mornings, but i will get into the hang out of it again hopefully.

Afterwards i headed to the bookstore to buy my book as well as school supplies and then stopped in the American Candy store. My goal was to just look and see if there was anything new... and there were lots of new things, and if i could i would have bought a little of everything. But i had to staisfy myself with two big packs of oreo flavours which i have never tried before!

I was excited to try them so that was exactly what i did when i came home, and it actually helped my stomach pain!! What do i think of the oreos? The birthday cake one was delicious and the peanut butter one was ok.... it was a little "too" much. A bit like eating 2 sweet digestives with a big clump of peanut butter in between. One or two is ok, but after that it is way to sweet and i start feeling warm as well as my mouth just feeling dry. But the birthday cake ones... i easily ate 5 or 6 in a row XD

^^Dont mind my hands or nails -_- always have scars and calluses on my hands due to working out, and i bite my nails. :(

This was the start of my week and i hope that this will be a good week!!

Hope you have all had a good day :)


  1. I totally understand the whole 'unable to focus' feeling. I am the same way. When a teacher or lecturer speaks I can focus for a maximum of 30 minutes before I zone out, my mind wanders and I just want to get out of there. Thats a part of why I hated school and being in class. I never felt like i leaned much from my teachers, but when I studied on my own I always did a lot better. Are you starting up with one course now? :)
    Try to think as positive as you can. Think of it as a step forward. A new experience and more knowledge. Knowledge is power! :) And hopefully you can get a little more structure in your day again, without it being too much to begin with. :)

    1. It's strange because I never felt like this before while in school. But I guess I'll get back into the routine of things again :) yeah its just one course so I'm studying at 50% which is a good start to get back into studying! It shouldnt overwhelm me,however just the thought of tests gives me stress and anxiety :/ and thank you!! I hope you have a lovely week. It looked like you had a nice weekend at the spa!! :)

  2. It´ll be tough at first to get back to school and lectures. But you can do it. It will get easier once you get used to it again :) Maybe it will be nice in the end.
    I´m alway so confused by things that are "birthday cake" flavored, has :D What is a birth day cake supposed to taste like? Was it good? Is it like vanilla or something?

    Have a great week Izzy!

    1. Thank you, and that's very true!!

      Birthday cake flavor was basically sweet vanilla with sprinkles. Super delicious, haha. I'm more of a vanilla person than chocolate person :) hope you have a lovely week!

  3. Awww, you're just out of practice with school! Don't stress out about it. Be patient while, for the first week or two, you get back into the routine and swing of it. Anxiety disorders are GREAT at inventing all sorts of worries and false realities. Have you ever heard of the acronym "FEAR" = False Expectations Are Reality? (I think that's how it goes). Basically fears/anxieties are simply when your mind creates its own false expectation of the world, which often has nothing to do with what's really happening or going to happen. Don't let your fear get the best of you, you will be just fine I think :) just be kind with your self talk as you settle into the new routine :)