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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why i exercise

Why do you exercise? or Why do you exercise so often?

These are two questions which i get asked often and my only answer and true answer is because i love it. It really is as simple as that for me. Though for many they cant understand that.... exercise is seen as a chore and a "must" for many people. They do it because they believe they have to, they force themselves to the gym so they can brag about it to their friends or post a picture on instagram. Or they force themselves out to run because they know that they will eat chocolate later, or they do interval training because everyone else is doing it. Media and social media tell people that they "have to" exercise or have to do a certain form of exercise... they are told that if they want to eat chocolate, then they better burn it off at the gym, instead of being told that food is energy. You dont workout so that you can eat, you eat so that you have energy to live life and workout if you enjoy it. Media and social media should be telling people about balance and moderation rather than just diets and weightloss. Because those things wont last and most likely wont give long term results.

But back to the main point... i exercise because i enjoy it. Which is why i do it so often and havent "given up" like many people do. People who workout just to reach a goal or just to lose weight or decrease a dress size they often give up once they reach their goal because they no longer think they need to exercise, they've reached their goal. And sure i have had goals in my exercising, that is a source of motivation as well, it is always fun to see progress. But sometimes you just need to allow yourself to not have any goals and just do whatever you enjoy... whether that means a whole hour of just bicep curls or 30 minutes of HIIT or a whole session of deadlifts... its about enjoyment.

Because i enjoy exercise and just do what i enjoy whether that means boxing, running, intervals, strength training, walking etc i do the form i want to do at the time/day, but also makes it easy for me to rest when i dont feel like working out. Because there is no point going to the gym or doing some form of exercise if i dont want to... its about enjoyment for me. Of course then when i am injured or cant exercise its less fun, because suddenly you cant do what you enjoy. But this is also a reason why when i am on holiday or away, i dont just stop exercising. I know for some they think that when they are on holiday, they stop working out and thats fine. You do whats best for you. For me, if i can, have motivation and want to... then i'll exercise. That is what works for me and is what i enjoy, doesnt mean its the same for everybody, some prefer to have their holidays and just not exercise. But if you find a form of exercise you really enjoy, then you will most likely want to do it often because it brings you happiness.

I mean the health benefits of exercise are great, but that is not the reason i exercise. Not to shape my body either, then i would exercise with a focus on that and wouldnt just do what i enjoy, instead i would follow a plan to reach a goal. And i dont exercise just to be able to eat more. I exercise because it is fun, it is an enjoyment. Like some people love watching films or love reading or love playing music or love acting.... i love exercise. But for many, this seems so strange. My friends, family, boyfriend they can all see how much i love it so they dont question it. But it is often people online who question me, wonder...."how can i really like exercise?" but that just shows, then you obviously havent found a form you enjoy, or maybe exercise just isnt your thing. Thats cool too. Exercise is healthy, it has health benefits which means that if you are capable then exercise should be part of a persons lifestyle... but if its not something you love or have to do very often because of health reasons, then just doing it now and again is fine. Dont think that you have to be some type of 14 workouts a week, gym freak just because others do that. NO... you do what you enjoy. There are SO MANY forms of exercise out there, dare to try a new form... you might like it.
   Or maybe you have tried many forms and havent found what you like.... well then you have tried. Try get some daily exercise such as walking or taking stairs = health benefits achieved and dont worry about not "exercising" because just by being active in some form of each day you get the health benefits.

So to those who wonder why i exercise often or think that i dont need to exercise because "i have a good body." well i dont exercise to shape my body or to burn calories or to be able to eat more... i do it because i love it and that is why i will always exercise until i no longer can. So yes, i am planning to be an 80 year old out running if i ever reach that age ;)


  1. That last sentence! YOU WILL GROW OLD IZZY! Don't worry <3 You are more healthy than most people - you could exspect to be the oldest person in the world :*

    1. Thats so sweet of you, though because of my CF i unfortunatly have my doubts about how old i will get to be. But that is nothing i want to worry or think about now :)

  2. Beautiful post izzy!! And it's so weird because I was just going to ask yoy something about that haha!!
    I have talked to my dietician and she has said it is ok for me to go to the gym but nothing too intense as I have not reached my goal weight just yet (just a little left). I'm in the process of trying to boost up my metabolism (which I have been really worried about so I've been trying to eat as consistently as possible) amd so I think that exercise would help.
    I have always been active in soccer (12 yrs) and sports but I haven't done anything at all for a couple of years. I do feel bigger (because obviously I am, no need to deny it), but not exactly 'fat'.... or not all the time at least. I think it's mainly because I was never this weight like how I am now. No muscle. I used to have so much muscle and be so strong.
    So my question: is it an unhealthy mindset to want to go back to the gym to get my arm muscle back, my core, my legs, be able to do pull ups again, be able to run again...basically be strong and be able to do what I used to do and have muscle. I wouldnt try and do it until I reach my physical goal and then stop, Im pretty sure I would keep going because I think it would be really fun to see how strong I can be etc. Does that make sense? I am also looking for something that I can play that would include exercise as I love that (not saying gym won't be fun but not all the time) like soccer was exercise without me even realizing it because it was so fun! I was physically strong without knowing it!
    I also think it would help boost my self esteem as well because now I feel 'squishy' with no muscle and so when I do have muscle back I'll feel more confident and love my body more.
    Do you think this is ok? Sorry for the long comment!! Thank yoy!!!

    P.s. if I really wanted to get my flexibility back, i.e. splits/stretches and also be able to do those awesome crazy things people do like headstands and cool shapes, what do yoy suggest? I know your mom is a yoga teacher but would yoga itself help? I'd be able to do those cool things/flexible through that? Or is there something else you suggest?

    1. Im going to answer your questions in a post coming up today - hopefully :)

  3. I took up Aqua Gym classes about 6 mths ago and I love it. It's great being part of a group because we all have to keep up with each other. The coach is great- best thing I've done in a long while. Wouldn't being going if I didn't enjoy it though...X

    1. I am glad you have found somethign you like :) And like you wrote... if you didnt enjoy it you most likely wouldnt do it so often, and thats the same with me and the exercise forms i do!