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Monday, September 28, 2015

Unproductive day and an evening workout

Today has been one of the most unproductive days in a while. Absaloutly no motivation or energy for anything, that's why I haven't replied to any of your comments. But ill try do that soon :) Basically all I did for most of the day was eat. I had accepted that I wouldn't workout today because I couldn't find the motivation within me to actually take myself to the gym even if I wanted to workout. I was also super full from all the food so too much movement wasn't fun. But then by 5pm when the food had been digested I got this surge of energy and motivation and the gym was calling me... so i asked my sister if she wanted to follow with and she did, so we made our way ti the gym and I had such an awesome workout. I think it was all the food today and the Nutella ( ^-^) as well as resting all day. I've never really enjoyed evening workouts, not as much as morning workouts anyway. Working out whatever time of day is always fun, but I've always lacked energy in the evenings but not today! So after an hour I was done and felt awesome, actually beginning to think I should switch up my workout plan and do evening workouts for a while and try be more productive in the mornings.  Though my absaloute favourite thing is to workout in the mornings and have that wonderful start ti the day and then just get lots done for the rest of the day.... or just lie in bed and eat because you're too tired to do anything ;) haha

Anyway. I really don't have much to write,  but it's been a good day today!! And I'm feeling energetic and happy at the moment so it's a wonderful way to end my day!

I will hopefully be more productive tomorrow because I feel that emails and comments are just piling up at the moment and the more days that pass the bigger the pile to get through.

*pictures from another day*


  1. I'm in desperate need of some energy and motivation too! This year has been too long with too much work. So the last part is always the hardest to push through and I just can't get any food into me when I feel like this. You don't think you have any ideas on what one can do to help push through and gain some energy and motivation to eat?

  2. I've also had an evening workout with a dance class -- first time breaking the usual pattern of daytime exercise! It was really good, although now I've been on my feet all day, I'm exhausted!! :D

    Probably really feel it in the morning, Lol! Xx

  3. I’ve been having a really motivated day today, but that did not happen yesterday! I was with my family so no homework happened or exercising! Eh, it happens. One of the greatest perks about recovery is being okay with more that goes on. :)