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Friday, September 25, 2015

Think before you binge

Its ok to eat more than usual, and have cravings for something and then end up eating more than a 'normal portion' once in a while.
  But when those 'binges' become more often... A few times a month. Once every week. Everyday....
That is not normal, and its not ok either. But it is Not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It is a problem... so dont try to shove it away in the corner. You do need to talk to someone and get help. Even if its embarrssing. It is for your own good. 
  Because if you binge, that can lead to anxiety and you can end up purging. Both of those have serious consequences, if done for a long time.
Binges occur because of many different reasons. Are you tired? Lonely? Sad? Depressed? Emotionally eating? Bored? Lacking a macronutrient (food group)? Not eating enough?
The best way to beat your binges, is to find out Why you are binging.
   Sometimes it can be just as simple as, you're not sleeping enough... which leads to your body wanting more energy, and you might not be giving it that energy... so finally, you end up going crazy and eating loads.
  Or... you're not eating enough during the day, or for your activity level. If this is the case, then you need to eat more during the day.
Are there certain foods which trigger binges? Then keep them out of the house. Until you feel that you can eat them in a controlled manner.
  You shouldnt have any 'bans' or restricted food. You should eat a healthy diet, including carbs, protein, healthy fats.... a major reason why people binge is because they don't eat enough carbohydrates. Which can lead to a lack of energy, and craving simple carbs/junk food. And once you eat carbohydrates... you cant stop.
  So sometimes it can help to add in some extra wholegrain carbohydrates into your diet.

When you feel like binging, Distract yourself.  Call a friend. Go for a walk. Take a shower. Leave the house. Dont just sit alone... and stay away from the kitchen.
  Dont keep food in your room either. 

Know that binging is a problem... but it can be overcome. So ask for help. And find out why you are binging, which will make it easier to overcome....


  1. Hi Izzy!
    I want to ask you (maybe a stupid questions, im so sorry), is binde eating if someone eat around 2000-2500 cal per day ? Im recovered but not fully yet, but i will :) I want to eat according my hunger but if I eat according my hunger I eat daily only 1300 cal or something like that and its bullshit. Thanks :-*

    1. Ive answered your question in a post coming up today :)

  2. thanks for this izzy esp liked the halt diagram it was really helpful to read what to do when you feel the need to binge, thanks and also the reasons/triggers why the urge is there. if you have time would you mind writing about what to do in periods of extreme hunger. i am often starving and all the info i read just says eat but i can't eat like 6000 calories like it says so wondered how to cope without eating so much. it triggers panic attacks and scares me that i may lose control and binge and also leaves me in physical pain too. thks x

    1. Ive answered your question in a post coming up today :)