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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The importance of sleep

I am pretty sure i am not the only one who might have a weird sleeping schedule or who priortizes other things over sleep. But even if i do these things i still know about the importance of sleep and what happens to the body if its sleep deprived. But i havent been able to fall asleep until around 1-3am the past few weeks and months. Ive felt tired and yawned but once i lay in bed sleep is about the furthest thing on my mind. But also when i have slept i have had awful nightmares which are still stuck in my mind, so its also made me not want to sleep when you know that your going to end up in a nightmare, in some realm which you want to escape and you run and scream but cant do anything to get away.  So sleep has been little and restless when i have slept , but my mum suggested i begin take a natural remedy to help me sleep and i thought... i dont have anything to lose. I am not someone who likes to pills which is the reason i dont want sleeping pills and always say no to antidepressants, i would much rather take natural remedies. But this is me personally and everyone has an option and a choice and what they feel will help them best. Some want nothing, some want pills and some look for other alternatives. But maybe the remedy is working because i felt super sleepy by9pm yesterday and decided to jump into bed and see if i could fall asleep.  I was sort of half asleep, tossing and turning until around 11.30pm, but i was sort of half asleep or maybe i  was just trying really hard to sleep, i dont know XD

But to the actual point of this post, i then woke up feeling energetic and hungry. 2 things i havent done in a long time it feels like.... i got around 8 hours sleep and i felt energetic. There wasnt a sigh of "another day" but a. ..... "time for a new day" thought. A positive thought, and it makes me excited to feel this way. Hahahah, because this feeling is how i used to always feel every morning... excited, happy, hungry and ready for a new day and excited to go to the gym. But those feelings havent been there, so now i'm hoping that they will last a while :)

Focusing on the positives today and positive thinking, which might just be a little easier today :) I hope you all have a great day and focus on the positives as well. Even if its tough, stay strong and keep fighting because it CAN and WILL get better if you dare to make a change to make things better!


  1. I do hope you start to sleep better Izzy, as I've also not been sleeping properly and bad dreams.. so I can relate to not feelin' quite yourself, nor as upbeat when fully rested and less stressed.

    Lets hope that your holiday helps :) Take care Xx

  2. For me whenever I start to loose sleep a very simple trick helps. I put my wake up clock to wake me up really early for a coupe of mornings, like 4 am. Then you just start to be so tired in the evenings that sleep comes much easier and you get back to the sleeping rhythm. :) Hope you sleep better soon.