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Friday, September 4, 2015

Sushi evening

Hello :)

Friday evening and i am just after enjoying sushi with my family and boyfriend. Unfortunatly i was so incredibly full after lunch that i couldnt enjoy the sushi to the extent that i wanted to. But a few pieces were eaten anyway!

My favourite sushi are the ones with tofu or salmon. Do you like sushi? Do you have a favourite?

I am super excited for tomorrows race, i think it will be sunny so maybe ill be able to run in shorts and then it will be like my final run in shorts this year!! There will be more than 31 thousand women running tomorrow, exciting!!

I dont have so much to write at the moment, feeling extremely tired and my stomach is aching, and i also want to spend time with my boyfriend.  So i am going to end this post here... unfortuantly not having anything important to write at the moment. But that is how it is at the moment....  I am going to try write some more advice nad helpful posts once i get the time... I have ideas, i just dont have the time at the moment to write.

How is your Friday going? :) Do you have any plans for the weekend? Comment below,it is always fun to know!

Also... if i havent replied to your comment recently, resend it!! There has been this weird mix up in my comments where i dont really if i have answered you or not and not all comments are shown. So dont think i am ignoring you, i am going to try go back and answer comments once i get a chance.... hopefully next week as this weekend i am going to just focus on being with family and my boyfriend :)


  1. I love Sushi! Especially with salmon or 'California rolls' (avocado & crab)

    This weekend -- resting, writing and maybe Jogging.. Hoping to just spend the week I've got left, to chill out and have some fun before chaos and change commences!! :)

    Good Luck with the race Izzy! Hope it's fun and that you have a lovely weekend too. Xx

    1. I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend, where you can do what you enjoy and relax!! Thats always necessary before things change and get crazy :) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Move-In day at university on this week-end's program... so much anxiety haha new country, new school, new people. But it's like sushi: for me the newest, the best. As long as it is something I have never seen before, I'm in. But sure, in general salmon rules, have to admit. Take care, xoxo - Carine.

    1. Ohh good luck with the moving!! Its always hardest in the beginning and can take a few days to settle in, get to know new people and the area etc but i am sure it will go well :):) Its something exciting and new and different!! :) Have a god weekend.

  3. Yum sushi. It´s been far too long since I had some. I always like to try the weird and exotic ones like calmer or eel ;D But tuna and salmon are my favorites.
    Weekend plans are to work out, study, clean the apartment and then a family party on sunday.

    1. I am never brave enough to try new sushi... i stick to the ones i know!! Fish kind of creeps me out, thats why. But its cool to dare to eat new things :)
      That sounds like a nice weekend, getting things done and also having time to workout - hopefully without time pressure - is always awesome! Enjoy the family party!

    2. Thank you!<3 And hope you have a great race:)

      You should challenge yourself to try some weird sushi next time. I always get like some assortment and then buy those exotic ones as extra ;) So then if I don´t like them I still have some good and safe ones to eat.