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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Structure your eating to fit your lifestyle

When life is busy and you have alot going on it can be easy to forget about eating.  It becomes less of a priority because you have so many other things on your mind and so many other things to do. But it's important to remember that without food and fuel you won't be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle.  Caffeine only lasts so long as well as will power. But your body needs food and fuel and if you are busy studying or working lots it's even more important that your body gets the energy it needs to function everyday.

If you feel that you forget to eat then set alarms for times you know you can eat it's just that you forget. And if it is that you just don't have the time then eat in a way that works for you and your lifestyle but you still get the energy you need. Maybe eat a huge breakfast which keeps you going until lunch and then eat a big lunch with dessert if you can't eat an afternoon snack and then eat  big dinner and a big night snack so that your body still gets the energy it needs.

Because honestly you could eat 2200 kcal for breakfast and not eat anything for the rest of the day and your body would get the energy it needs. Or not eat anything all day and then eat 2500 kcal in the evening but those aren't recommended ways of eating because it's also about giving your body constant fuel so that you always have energy throughout the whole day and not just everything all at once.
Try to eat in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.  But I always recommend to have snacks with you because maybe you can manage a granola bar or a banana in between classes or whole travelling to work or something.  Otherwise protein shakes (use 1-3 scoops) is a good snack idea. Keep it in a shaker then add milk or water,  shake and drink. Easy snack and easy to bring with you and nuts are great as well. But I think I'll make a post with easy meals and snacks to take with you when you are busy during the days.

The important thing is to no skip meals,instead combine them. For example when I was working at the festivals for 10-12 hours per day and it was physical work all the time apart from the 30 minutes we got for lunch. And then I didn't  have time to eat snacks and the lunch and dinner served I didn't eat alot so I knew that my breakfast and night snack had to be like 1000 each minimum if I was to make sure to get energy into me. Of course I only did that for 4 days total so it wasn't an everyday way of eating. But you need to adapt to life and your lifestyle and find what works for you. But important to get the necessary energy!!! Without it eventually you will feel drained and not have the energy to keep up with your lifestyle.


  1. Thanks so much for a perfect post Izzy! :)

    When lifestyle/ routine changes it presents a challenge as to how to alter eating patterns, so as to structure meals and snacks into your day.

    Your advice and informative posts are so, so helpful! Xx

  2. I worry when i have to eat a lot at once due to fitting it in that 1) it feels like bingeing and 2)that it will send my metabolism all funny like ill put on massive amount of weight cos I'll rev up my metabolism when i eat but then eat too much and so it stores it and then my metabolism slows down cos it goes into starvation mode when i can't eat and then when i eat again it'll store on to it cos it thinks its gonna be starved again. Maybe I'm just overanxious about everything but I'm always calculating energy in energy out prob as a control/safety thing so not sure what to do bout that.

    1. It takes several days/weeks for your metabolism to go into starvation mode. The metabolism is always working and eating alot at once, when yiu need to eat alot doesn't make it binging. This is a fear and ED thought you need to over come. It won't go away unless you fight it. Yiu can go several hours without eating and that won't slow down yiur metabolism and it's ok to eat alot at once if that is what fits your schedule. And you don't gain weight just because you eat alot at once. Weight gain is something that happens over time, not just magically in a moment. Remember that.