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Friday, September 11, 2015

So much to see, so much to do, so much energy (Lisbon day 2)

The second day of my trip is coming to an end and it has been a super long day. I have seen so much so its hard to absorb it all or even put it into words. It is very beautiful here, i wish my camera would do the views and buildings justice, but unfortunatly it doesnt.But atleast i have seen it and how beautiful it is. Its very different here, not at all what i am used to but that is part of travelling... seeing the differences and seeing the different cultures. I like exploring and wandering around and i had so much energy so all i wanted to do was run up all the hills but i had to keep to my aunts pace.

We did alot of wandering around today and felt like we were all over Lisbon, and when we looked at the map we were in many different places as we just wandered and wandered not sure where we were or where we were going! But it was fun, you see alot more that way than if you just sit on a bus which drives you around. But also the traffic is like crazy in the streets, hahaha. So many things going on and cars, motorcyles, tuktuks and trams driving like crazy. A completely different atmosphere, in Stockholm you just have to worry about cars and bicycles, mostly... but here you need to first keep an eye on the ground so that you dont end up spraining an ankle because you step weird and then you also need to check all directions for vehicles around you. So far we have managed to survive, though i have fallen over a few times. Hahaha, its not easy. Also i can recommend you to strap your camera or mobile to your wrist because i almost dropped my camera but luckily it was strapped to my wrist so it didnt fall and break XD Though maybe i am just a little spaced out and focused on running around and seeing everything and being everywhere at once so my mind isnt really on holding onto my things XD I am surprised that i havent left my bag or purse somewhere and just run off to take a picture. THe funny thing is that my aunt is just the same, so we are like to dizzy and spaced out people trying to find our way around and remember to keep our bag by our side all the time and not fall over or get run over XD Lets hope that i survive the next 4 days.

Anyway, this post could be extremely long as i have done so much and seen so much today but i feel like i cant possibly write everything i want to, or even remember everything. So instead a few (ok, many) photos!


  1. Wonderful picture and what you wrote sounds interesting (I'm very sorry for mistakes or my bad english, I' from Germany, but I'll do my best. If you want, you can correct me, that would teach me ;))
    Wish you more great days on your trip

  2. just enjoy it, Izzy. it is so lovely to share it with you through your words and pictures, but most of all want you to enjoy it for yourself xx

  3. I've also just returned from Lisbon! Don't forget to try the pastel de nata! (Or how it's spelled ��)

  4. Hope you have a lovely time Izzy!! :) Enjoy yourself. x

  5. Looks kind of bleak and dreary in town. :/

  6. I haven't been in Lisbon (yet); seems to be a nice place. I wish you a great holiday (-: