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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday morning

Good morning!! :)

Gosh today i am super duper tired. Most of all i just want to sleep all day XD Getting out of bed was not easy this morning, but i am going to try get up early each morning because then i feel best... even if the actual process of getting up is hard and unwilling. But i know that when i wake up early i feel best, but also might make me feel tired earlier. I was super tired last night and by 9pm i was in bed and ready to go to sleep but the tiredness went away and instead i was up until 1am or something because i couldnt fall asleep. But by forcing myself up early it might be easier to try to turn my sleeping schedule around!!

First a morning walk with my dog, first time in a week or so i have been out with her and she had so much energy. Its usually me who takes her for long walks so when im not home she only gets small walks each day, so now she just wanted to run all the time!! Then i made myself some pancakes as part of breakfast - feels like forever since i last ate pancakes or waffles. But our waffle machine doesnt really work anymore, so have to find a cheap one somewhere so i can make my delicious waffles again!!!

The plans today are to get some stuff done online, maybe workout with my sister... not that motivated for the gym today but she wants me to workout with her... so might go anyway. And then later maybe take a powernap in the afternoon before i go to  a friends birthday celebrations. Im going to avoid alcohol today because the last time i drank i.e last Monday i did not feel well at all and my body could not cope with the alcohol at all -_- I prefer to stay sober!

For now its another cup of coffee before i get to work!! :)

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  1. I'm glad you are going to a birthday party today :)
    How do you "make" yourself get up when it is so hard? x.