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Monday, September 7, 2015

Randoms from my day

Going to start this post with one of my favourite pictures:

It was taken after my race on Saturday. You could use different props and i of course wanted to hold the huge trophy because well, what are the chances that that will happen again? I might not have won the trophy but i can pretend that i did!!! Hahahah. After the picture was taken i realised i must look a little crazy, i hadnt seen how i looked or checed my hair or face or anything, i was just so caught up in the after race buzz and when i saw that you have photos taken i went in there, got my photo taken and afterwards realised i had no idea how i looked, haha. 
But the picture turned out ok for being a little "out of it" XD

Also found this picture online which is kind of accurate:

Of course compared to some sports running isnt that expensive and if you dont want fancy earphones, super expensive runnig shoes, no gps watches and no super fancy brand workout clothes then it isnt that expensive. But for some, running isnt cheap either... 
The good thing about running though is that it can be done almost anywhere... if you travel somewhere you can still go running, depends on where though. Not all places are safe, but still... pack with you shorts, sports bra and running shoes (if its somewhere warm!)
Though...  maybe i am just really bad at packing but i always have like one big bag filled with running clothes and shoes (i.e need for cold weather and warm weather & gym clothes incase & need several different sports bras, tops, shorts, socks, underwear etc) and that all takes alot of room. And then i try to fit in normal clothes which takes up 10% of what i pack... hahha.
Runner problems i guess? :)

Onto a positive of the day.... 48 cans of deliciousness arrived today! Or well, i had to go to the post officed and carry it back... roughly 17kg. Endurance training... i like to lift things up and put them down. Not lift them up and then carry them for 5 minutes and up loads of stairs.  XD But it was worth it! Now i can bring them with me on holiday :)

They are actually my favourite, yes i am an ambassador for True Transparency but i drink them because i think they are delicious :) But i do still drink other energy drinks as well, but i love these flavours :) I wouldnt lie about that.

I also found some "sweets" which i want to test.
Not even sure what they are or how they taste... but if they will make me extra strong then i dont care about the taste. hahahaha.
I didnt buy them, but next time i will... just to see :) They might be spicy, super sweet or super something.... who knows. XD

Also i realised today that a medicine i have been taking for the past 6 months or so is actually a chewable one... hahaha, i didnt have to swallow it XDXD it actually tastes good as well. Sometimes i dont read the labels on my medicines, i have so many of them that i lose track XD

Otherwise... i am freezing cold to the bone. The type of coldness where no amout of layers keep you warm. So i am loading up on loads of vitamins and minerals, just in case... dont want to end up catching a cold, it would be such awful timing.

Anyway, these were randoms from my day which i wanted to share!!
Do you have any randoms or anything you want to share :) Remember you can be anonymous so you can share whatever (nothing triggering!). But maybe you saw something funny, did something fun or maybe you made progress which you want to share :) Let me know!!!


  1. Izzy, I hope this isn't rude, but please go to a doctor? freezing cold today, too hot the other day, pounding heart during the race, depression, stomach, headaches...?? be well, <3
    (I hope that comment doesn't stop you writing about these things or seem hurtful in some way? just concerned for you, that's all. take care x. like in your picture last night, i am sorry you are suffering, and i think you are every way)

    1. Its not rude, you are concerned and your right, maybe i should check it up. Though i have a strong dislike for hospitals and doctors, but i should just swallow my pride and check things out, maybe. Thank you for caring and your comment, i think it can be good with these comments because sometimes you dont see things as a "whole" and just see things on their own.... like i had already forgotten about my heart and breathing during the race, when infact i know that was not a good or normal feeling.

  2. lovely pic it remind me when i went to the 2012 london olympics and got my pics done with the winners, i help their medals (which weigh a ton no joke) despite them being round their neck lol! like u say anything you can get your hands on hee hee. are you going by car to lisbon just wondered how ur gonna carry all those drinks otherwise. re the extra strong mints we have these in england they are called xtra strong cos they are so minty they are hard to suck, you literally blow smoke out of your mouth. i haven't had them since i was a kid. if they are the same then thats why they are strong not cos you're gonna turn into popeye or something unfortunately x

    1. supposed to be held their medals whoops!

    2. That's very cool with the Olympics and holding the medals :) we're flying there and we're allowed baggage up to 23kg and I'm only going to bring 4 or 5, so it's not a problem! !Hahah. Might try those sweets anyway,they might be the same! !! :)

  3. I think you look beautiful in that post Izzy! and so happy :) I'm sure when I am doing any kind of physical/ outdoors activity that I visually look a mess.. but when ur happy, who cares?! Hahaha

    Take care of yourself and do go see a GP if you have to Xx

    1. Thank you :) and you're right, when you're happy then you sort of automatically look good!! :) and thank you!

  4. You look great in that picture! Like you're so proud of 'YOUR' trophy!! Haha! How did you get the scar on your tummy I was just wondering?! Hope you're ok and get warm soon xoxo

    1. Thank you! One day i hope i can own a trophy like that, and know its mine!! I answered your question in a post this morning, but i had an operation the day after i was born :)