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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Race day!

Good morning!!

At the moment it feels like i am running more races than actual running training, haha. It always makes me a little nervous that i havent done any "pre race" runs, but i just havent felt like it. Even if i love running 110% i much prefer going to the gym and going for walks at the moment, and i will begin regular runs when i feel like it again. But i love running races so much, and i must admit... i am a bit of a medal whore. (hahaha love having medals!) and i also love having the race bib!!! However as i signed up for the race yesterday i didnt get a personalized race bib with my name on it. Those are always the best, when you see your name and know that it is your race number. But atleast i have a race number, i wasnt sure there would be any places left, so i am happy anyway!!

At the moment i am drinking coffee and lots of water and preparing myself for todays race! I never look at the race course before the run, as i feel that it doesnt really matter whether there are 100 hills or no hills, because i am going to run it anyway. I prefer to not psych myself out and know that there are loads of hills or that it will be a hard course etc its about enjoyment and in the end... i need to run it anyway, so who cares! :) Thats my tactic anyway, for others it helps to know so that they can tactfully run at a certain pace i.e slow down abit and save energy before a hill or to run fast when you know its just 1,5km of flat ground!

Otherwise having one of those awful bad body image days where my mind is telling me negative things about my body. Those feelings when you dont want to look at yourself or look in the mirror. But its just to put on a smile and not care.... I am more than my body and my appearance. And these feelings will pass, Though lots of sodium (from yesterdays buffet & sushi & soya sauce) = bloating which is never fun, but its not the end of the world, and that is important to remember. Because like i wrote previously, i am more than my body. So whenever you get bad body image days, remember to still eat like normal and remember that the way your body looks doesnt matter. Somedays you bloat, your weight fluctuates but those things really arent a big deal, there is more to life than that!!

Dont let your body and insecurities stop you or hold you back.


  1. Good Luck Izzy! :) X

  2. You look beautiful, Izzy. I wish my body looked like that on a "bad body image" day! My stomach sticks out permanently, though my BMI is healthy. As YOU say, it's just life, it doesn't matter, in the scheme of things :) x
    Hope you enjoyed the race and had fun -- that is the most important thing.

    1. Thank you. My stomach stuck out as well, but posing makes a difference. But in the end that doesn't matter so much. It passes, even if bloating sucks it will pass! The race was fun :)

  3. All the best with the race :) xoxo