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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Positives of the day

Hello :)

Its 8pm here in Sweden and i am sitting here high on endorphines! End this day in a positive way.... in general this day has been positive!!

It started off with some positive emails about some online things which is always fun and then i went for a morning walk to clear my thoughts and set me up for the day. The best way to plan my day followed by breakfast and then a visit to the gym... which didnt go so well. A lack of energy and strength. Ive realised that morning walks = not enough energy for gym sessions because even if i eat in between them its not so many hours in between the walk and the gym session. Its most probably best to do either or... but both are forms of therapy. But anyway...

Another positive is that tomorrow i am going to hold a "demo" for TRUE transparency BCAA... that drink you have seen alot in my pictures. I love it, and i am an ambassador for them and they asked me if i wanted to do it tomorrow. And i thought why not... it might be fun and its definitely a step outside of my comfort zone. Also considering that its 7 hours of work roughly & 1 hour to get there and 1 hour back... but i amnt worried about that. I think it will be fun, definitely something new for me. But i actually love these types of things, i love how social media gives me the opportunity to do these types of things and hopefully in the future it will open more doors for me! This evening and tomorrow im going to memorize all the information i need so if someone asks me questions i can answer them. I think the thing i am most worried about is if someone asks me some very weird question or if people start acting weird towards me.....  but who knows. (Ohh and for you who dont know what i mean when i said demo, i mean i will be standing in a food store and have the drinks poured up in small cups so customers can try them and ask questions if they are interested in the drink!)

Another positive is that i got a package today... it wa a present from myself to myself! Hhaha. 3kg of casein XD Ive wanted to try them for a long time but never actually bought them but i wanted a "Pick me up" and whenever there is little food at home i know i can turn to casein to fill me up. (Though i promote REAL food before protein powders. I dont use them so often, even if i have loads of them at home. I prefer to eat real food and use them as a SUPPLEMENT which is what they are. And no, i dont eat them to increase my protein because i already get soo much of that. But because it tastes good XD)

On a negative.... bills -_- Never fun. But like my sister tells me, instead of complaining about bills and having to pay them. I should be happy that i can actually afford to pay them, even if it puts a dent in a teenager, non working economy. XD There is always a positive to things, even if at times its hard to see the positives of having to pay bills.

And lastly... a positive. Evening interval training outside. It was my sister who wanted to go run or go to the gym and then i suggested intervals as that is always fun! I didnt think i would manage because i am always super tired and unwilling to do anything in the evenings, but i had so much energy. Like a duracell bunny and it was so much fun. So even if i wasnt fully motivated in the beginning, by the end i didnt want to stop at all and wondered why i dont go for evening runs ? I mean i have the energy, its just leaving the house is the hardest XD I ran my first 20km at 7pm so its not that evening runs are so bad, but i guess i am more of a morning person.... but it would definitely be fun to do more evening runs, but its more fun with others i guess!!

To end this day i am eating some vanilla mousse with necatrines... and of course even more than this, because after so much activity today its important with lots of food!!! :)


  1. well done, Izzy! star...

  2. What is BCAA? What are in thus drink? Is this a drink with different vitamins maybe B,C,A and A? Sorry for asking but i really dont know what this is.. :$

    1. BCAA stands for branched chain amino acids. So its a type of protein which is good to drink if you strength train. But the drink also includes vitamins and minerals and 2 of them include natural caffeine :)

  3. 20 KM KLOCKAN 7 !!!!!!!?!??! SJUKT DUKTIG IZZY HERREGUD! Du får bli min coach någon gång xD Haha det är så att egentligen orkar jag inte ens gå 1 gång per dag till gymmet xD Är så lat, men min vilja får mig att göra det, för det är så kul, men att stiga upp och gå/cykla dit är skitjobbigt :D Man vill hellre bli och äta hemma typ xD Men ibland får man skjuts av föräldrarna = LYX!