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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Portion sizes and how much to eat (masterpost)

Portion sizes are something i disregard and dont care so much about. I dont really care about what is "Normal" because that is different for everyone. Of course its good to have a standard, some type of guide to follow, people can find that a comfort. HOWEVER its important to remember that it is just a guide, its not set in stone... its not like you eat a little more pasta or some more potatoes and suddenly you have eaten "More than you should". No.... the portion sizes are based on average people and what the average meal should look like. But remember, when you are in recovery and trying to gain weight, you ARENT the average. You need to eat MORE than others or the "average". Of course, if you dont need to gain weight, or if you just dont know what normal portions are and you always seem to eat too little then it can be a good idea to see a "normal portion" and try to base meals off of that. But if you feel you want more, then dont be afraid to take more. Everyone is different and everyday is different, somedays you need more and somedays you need less. Somedays you are more hungry and other days less hungry. It balances itself out.

Portion sizes are a guide, you dont have to follow them religiously and when you are trying to gain weight..... then eat more than the portion sizes.
  For example on yoghurt when they show the serving size, i eat roughly 3 times the serving size as well as lots of other things for just one snack, because the serving size is just a guide for a certain type of person. It doesnt mean that if you eat more than the portion size then you ate too much or are going to gain weight, thats not how it works.

My best advice if you are trying to gain weight and recover is to make sure you have carbs (roughly 40-50% of the plate), protein (15-20% of the plate), healthy fats or some type of sauce (10-15% of the plate) and then vegetables for the rest. And first up plate what you think is normal, then ADD MORE. Because you need it... your portion sizes are often skewed and you dont know how much is normal so take a little extra, because extra WONT harm you. Your body needs it. And as you get closer to your goal weight, become healthier then you will more be able to rely on your bodies signals and then whether you take too much or too little your body will tell you whether you need more or less and your body will find balance if you dare to listen to your signals. But in the beginning, just focus on more and in time your signals should start to work again and you should begin to trust your body.

When i was at Mando i had to use a MandoMeter which you can read about HERE which taught me what a normal portion was and that was very helpful. I also had to weigh all my food at Mando, which has positives and negatives. It was a way for me to control my food as well, it gave me a sense of control knowing that i wasnt getting "More"... but it also had its negatives with the fact that not weighing food was scary, i was still very scared of getting too much..... a gram above what i needed could send me into panic mode and also weighing food is very obsessive. So i wouldnt recommend it.... though i did learn normal portion sizes and when i began to trust myself and my body i began to just use eye measurements and that worked well... until my mind would begin to trick me and i took less and less. But once i began to fully recover and dare to eat more then i didnt want to weigh or measure at all because i felt, i didnt want to know numbers it triggered me too much. It caused too much anxiety if i knew i was eating 3dl when i was supposed to only have 2,5dl yoghurt. And that helped me... to just plate food up and eat it, try to not care about the numbers or grams. Even if it was tough in the beginning that was what also helped me to stop counting calories, when i tried to distract myself and not see food as numbers, just plate it up, eat it and distract myself until my next meal.

But back to topic... portion sizes are a guide, and below are 3 posts i have written about portion sizes, one of them shows pictures of portion sizes. But remember, its just a base, eat more if you need it!!!

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  1. thanks so much izzy this is really helpful esp when you say to not get too hung up on the serving sizes and portions. i feel incredibly guilty when i have a gram over and often feel safer if i have a little less just to make sure that i am not eating too much which is prob me trying to gain control as well as not allowing myself food. i even struggle with fruit and veg as everything is a calorie now. I'm going to try and get my portions up and take the risk to maybe go abit freehand rather than weighing everything, even salad. scary stuff! thanks for the pics that really helps to see as i have no idea what a normal portion looks like as i wasn't brought up on one. so pics help and it also gives me inspiration as I tend to stick to the same foods out of safety and cos i know the calories and now I'm bound by rules by what i can and can't have and also on what days of the week. madness but thats me at mo - something i need to challenge as I'm going on holiday soon and will need to eat freehand and different foods. yikes! have a great holiday, relax and take some time for you and ill look forward to hearing about it on your return x