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Friday, September 4, 2015

Picking up my race number and vegetarian lunch buffet

It's Friday and focusing on positivity.

It's important to focus on the positives and to spread positivity! Today when I sat on the train there was this old woman who was super nervous and spread alot of nervous energy and I ended up feeling really nervous, got this nervous energy from her. So I thought,  if I spread positive energy then I'm sure that will spread to others! !!

Today my mum offered to take me out for lunch, and who can complain about that. I love food and I love vegetarian buffets. But first up was a visit to the gym and then went to see if there were places left for the race tomorrow and luckily there was!  I also got a place in the first start group, yay... so will be able to run without having to push my way forward! I then tried some chia pudding and bought myself a pair of new Nike shorts! Felt I needed to buy myself something, even if spending money isn't the best at the moment.  Haha. Sometimes you need to treat yourself though :)

Then I met my mum and we went to a new vegetarian place which sold alot of healthy and vegetarian products! However the lunch wasn't so great there so we went to another vegetarian lunch buffet which is one of my favourites. The food is so good there!! And now we're going to a few different shops to get different things and this evening we're eating sushi for dinner.... yumm. Can't complain about that! Haven't eaten sushi in forever,it used to be one of my favourites. How are you spending your Friday?  Are you looking forward to the weekend?  I am.... I'm super excited for tomorrow's run!


  1. Both you and the food look so good <3

  2. I've spent the day eating big, yummy snacks :) sleeping for a few hours -- which is something I never do during the day, but considering I've not slept properly in ages.. I think I needed it!!

    Plus, discovering the wonders of dry shampoo ;) Hahaha!

    Hope you have a totally fab weekend Izzy! X

    1. Yummm, sounds like the perfect day to me. hahaha. Recently ive been taking poewrnaps during the day and they are awesome... though finding the balance of not sleeping too long or too short or taking a powernap too late in the evening is hard. But i love just taking a little rest in the afternon! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. hi izzy you probably just took what you fancied but i was wondering if you had any advice on how to tackle buffets and what to put on your plate. i wouldn't know where to start and how to portion. I'm really struggling with portion sizes right now, even veg so any help would be very much appreciated. hope the race goes well and that you were ok with the tomatoes know they didn't agree with you last time so hope you're ok this time x

    1. Haha was thinking the same about the tomatoes ^^ For portions, I don't know if it will help but maybe try to think how they plate it in restaurants ? They usually serve enough so people are satisfied with it but with just enough space left for dessert - because they want to sell you more dishes, business mind and such. Hope it makes sense. Plus, chef's usually have a fair knowledge of portions/ratios/combinations of food, or at least in good restaurants, they're supposed to be professionals. - Carine

    2. Ive written two posts about how to cope with eating at buffets:

      Hope that helps :)

      And i got alot of sotmach pain after eating, and i am guessing it was the sun dired tomatoes :( So the pain lasted all evening and night. I need to realise that i cant eat them anymore, because the pain is awful. :( hahah, its tough when its a food you really like but your body says no.

      And like Carine said, if you go to a normal restaurant then what you are served is an ok portion, you shouldnt worry so much about it. If you dont eat out everyday then there is no reason to worry about eating more than normal. And if you go to buffets my best advice is to take a little of everything that looks good/you might enjoy. Because when you go out to eat you are paying for the food, so why not eat different types of food, or eat the food you are going to enjoy instead of just going for the "normal" what you might just eat at home anyway.

    3. thanks izzy and carine ill take a look at those posts thanks xx