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Monday, September 7, 2015

One of those days

So far, I'm happy that I have survived the day without any major injuries.

I've managed to fall over while walking.
Walked into a person (though she was walking infront of me and then suddenly stopped, so not really my fault)
Fallen down the stairs at home
Bruised my legs (well this is normal ) while doing deadlifts
Hitting myself in the head with the bar while doing lat pull downs
Hitting myself in the neck with the bar while doing "cleans".
Sounds ridiculous really, but it's just been one of those days.  The best thing I can do is try to laugh it off and hope that the rest of the day will go better! Hahhaha

Now I am going to watch a series episode then get back to some work and see what my plans for the evening are :)

And as to make this post not to negative, some of the positives of today:

This dessert:

Lying in my own bed.

My awesome workout, despite bruises and hits XD

It's not raining.



  1. Hahaha.. I seem to be having just 'one of those days' too! I can totally relate to the "falling over whilst out walking" and also walking head-first into a door today?!

    I do hope your evening is better Izzy :) and I <3 your snack! X

    1. Its tough sometimes :) Sometimes body coordination isnt my best XD Hope you were ok and didnt get any injuries :) Have a lovely evening you too.

    2. Thanks! x *Oh, I meant dessert not snack!

  2. i am so accident prone, i walk into walls and doors at home and wake up with bruises on me from night-time when i don't remember hitting myself lol! nothing can be as bad as doing pole dancing thou then i was black and blue - ha ha lots of fun thou! did u feel dizzy at all hun or just accident prone like me? x

    1. Haha in the same, wake up with new bruises and don't know where they came from!! Ouch, I can only imagine!! I was just accident prone yesterday :) :)