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Monday, September 7, 2015

No pressure morning

Good Morning!!!

It's Monday and a new week today. Even if weekdays and weekends dont feel much different to me at the moment there is something about Monday which i like. It feels "New and fresh". Like you leave the previous week behind and you start a new. But really, a new start can happen at any time. It doesnt have to be a new week, new month or new year. It can be right now, and that is important to remember.... to stop waiting for the perfect time, and instead go with it, make changes even if the time doesnt feel right.

This morning is a "No pressure morning", i am not going to rush away quickly or glance at the clock every few minutes and feel stressed. Instead this morning i went for a walk and listened to a podcast and now im eating breakfast and going to write some posts in peace, not worry about how long it takes. And then i am going to head to the gym and then heading home to get some online things done and then tomorrow and Wednesday ill fix the other things before i travel on Thursday!!

One thing i wanted to mention on my blog was that in the podcast the girl who was being interviewed was working out 5-6 hours per day and when the hosts asked her how much she ate per day she said around 4000kcal, and their reactions were shocked and almost a little negative. I guess that is understandable, not everyone can or should be eating 4000kcal a day, but those type of reactions add to the thinking that "less is best". Considering that she works out so many hours per day i am pretty sure she could eat even more than that.  I get the same type of reaction when people find out how much i eat per day or when i say i eat roughly 3000kcal per day, but its all about context. I am not someone who does absaloutly nothing per day, i am very active both physically and mentally also i am very restless and then also the fact that i have CF. If i were to do absaloutly nothing during the day and didnt have CF (and was a normal weight!) then i might not need to eat that much, but i do. I dont let comments or surprised reactions trigger or affect me negatively, but it kind of annoys me when people think that eating alot is bad when it all depends on context and the person. People are different and need different amounts of energy... but in the end, isnt it best to be able to eat as much as possible and still maintain ahealthy weight? Because if you could, wouldnt you like to be able to eat plenty each day and know that you dont have to worry about your weight?
 But now a days food has become something people are made to feel guilty over because it will make them gain weight, when in actuality if they eat the amount they need (which for some is less and others more) then they shouldnt gain weight.

Anyway, that was just some of my thoughts from what i heard from the podcast, but its a good podcast anyway just some things irritate me at times. But maybe its just me personally who gets bothered by those things!! Anyway, i wish you all an awesome day and a great week!!


  1. I would have been more surprised about the fact that someone works out 5-6 hours per day, that is definitely not healthy. I understand if someone is athlete and needs to train, but that isnt healthy either.

    1. No it isn't but she was an elite. Working out that many hours isn't healthy but if you are an elite that's what they have to do. The bad thing though is when normal people begin comparing themselves to elite athletes and think they have to workout that much as well. A person can't workout that many hours everyday for the rest of their life but for a period of time it works, but they may end up with many injuries due to all the exercise done.

  2. i had the same comment today i went to the clinic and said i was feeling hungry, she looked at me in disgust esp as i said i was on 1800 cals and she thought i shouldn't be hungry on this amount so now i feel really greedy and fat. I'm so confused about portion sizes and what foods to eat and whats normal. also there is a weekly mag where on one page a celebrity states what they supposedly eat in a day and then a so called nutritionist comments and tots up cals. they are always like under 1500 and often no carbs and he says how healthy they are etc I'm like uh hello! these sorts of messages make me so confused as I'm trying to gain weight and don't know what is right or normal. ps. i think its great you're on 3000 cals (they are just jealous ha ha) x