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Sunday, September 13, 2015

My first time surfing

While booking flights and hotels for this trip i mentioned that it would be fun to try surfing if i got the opportunity and my aunt thought that would be a fun idea. So we searched for some good Surfing schools and then booked 2 hours of surfing at a beach today. The weather was grey and a little colder which felt a little discouraging to begin with, but once you got the wetsuit on and got warm then it wasnt so bad anymore.

We got picked up by our hotel and they drove us to a beach which was supposedly 12km long, which is impressive!! We got our surfboards and wetsuits and then the beginners including myself got to learn the first steps of surfing. Ive seen videos of people surfing and i know its tough, definitely not something you pick up in an hour or two but it would have been fun to be able to stand on the board for more than 0,5 second at a time. I spent more time in the water, or underwater than on the actual surfboard!! There is alot of technique involved and i think it takes more than 90 minutes to learn it. At times i felt discouraged because it didnt go well at all and other times it was alot of fun, even if i didnt manage to stand on the board. But it was fun to try something new and different, not sure if its my type of sport but i am definitely willing to try it again. I mean i can only get better right?

Have any of you tried surfing? What did you think, did you like it? :)


  1. Well done, Izzy! That's great :) No, I haven't tried surfing. I am hopeless at sports but I tried windsurfing on lakes a few times and I enjoyed that :)

    1. Thank you :) I've never tried wind surfing before, is that similar, or?

  2. You look amazing izzy!! I have been surfing once this summer actually, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I remember just being in the water with a smile on my face thinking I'm having such a fun time:) I had my brothers and sister with me along with a whole other group, and when I caught my fist wave I felt like I was flying!! I loved loved LOVED it! I would say one of my most favorite memories!:D I am rarely every truly happy when I do something. I'll either enjoy it for a little bit but then get annoyed by it or I won't enjoy it or something always happens. I had my doubts about the surfing because it was a beginners class and I was nervous because I thought it was going to be super hard. But I was happy from start to finish and I just felt amazing:))) I loved being happy and couldn't believe how happy I was. Hahaa I soundweird but it's true! Even though I kept falling and kept hurting my knee I was laughing. And the ones that I managed made me feel on top of the world hahaa. It was a really really fun time and experience and I hope yoy had as much fun too!! <<333

    1. That sounds awesome, it sounds like you like surfing alot :) Do you do it often or just while on holiday, or? :) I dont know how i felt about surfing, it was tough and i just wanted to be able to stand on the board but i want to try it again because i believe i can only get better :) And it was alot of fun, i cant deny that even if it was frustrating at times :)

  3. ha ha i think i spent more time falling in the water than i did on the board and i was freezing and so not as much fun as id hoped. i think i gave up a bit too quickly but then i had no lesson i was just borrowing my sisters boyfriends board to try it and had no help. well done you for doing it it's not easy at all. i prefer swimming anyway so I'm happy to just do that ;-) x

    1. Ohh yes, luckily it wasnt so cold as i was worried about freezing, but the wetsuit helps :) You should try a lesson where you learn the technique, that could definitely be worth it. Especially as you have tried surfing and know the board and waves etc so then you arent a complete new beginner like i was, so you might actually enjoy it alot more when you know what to think about and what to do!