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Friday, September 25, 2015

My bed is where i will spend the rest of the evening

Hello :)

Today was the first day in a while which hasnt been a "standard, boring, usual" day.... but ive actually done something different, something new. A promo/demo for TRUE transparency BCAA. I felt nervous but also confident heading to the store... i mean all i had to do was smile, be social and nice, pour up the drinks and talk about the drinks. It really couldnt be that hard... and it wasnt either.

I got there and met one of the guys from the business who helped me set up and we got to talk a little and then when all that was done it was just for me to stand there and be social. It was roughly 5 hours of standing there and there were times where the energy dropped and you just stood there trying to get your eyes to focus and trying to put a smile back on my face, but 98% of the time i was focused, positive and social! There were so many different types of people... some were interested in buying, others just wanted to try the "free drinks." Some wanted more information while others were anti sweetner or anti energy drinks and almost chastized me for standing there and promoting them. All i could do was smile and tell them that everyone has different opinions and tastes. Otherwise, several guys who tried to chat me up and several others who complimented... a sort of egoboost in a way, haha. And then there also came a group of roughly five 10 year olds who wanted to try the drinks but because they contain caffeine and there is a "15 year old limit"  on the drinks i had to tell them no... but they wanted to try anyway and ended up spilling the drinks...  I think the kids and keeping the kids away was the hardest part of the job XD

I also met a follower which was fun, never really know what to say though because i guess followers know more about me than i know about them, but its always fun nonetheless!

Once i was done i had to drink the last of the opened drinks which meant drinking roughly 2 energy drinks at once. Not sure if it was a good idea or not, but i dont feel any energy kick yet anyway XD

Once i got to sit down, after roughly 7 hours it felt soo good and i realised how tired my legs were. The thought of getting up was just "No no no no". So when i finally got home i was both super tired and super hungry.  So i made myself a big snack type thing for dinner/night snack and now its just rest and spending the evening in my bed!! Sounds like the perfect evening, haha.

It actually felt really good to "work" and even if its tough it is fun, its something different and new and i like doing something productive with my day! :)

Anyway, tomorrow i am heading out to the island with my parents so we get a little weekend away from town!! :)


  1. Goodness what a lot of standing! Couldn't they let you do it seated, at least when there was no one to talk to?
    Well done doing all that - I'm glad you had fun and that it went well. I've never heard of an age limit on caffeine before - how interesting. Rest well tonight and have a good weekend.

    1. Yes, it was definitely alot of standing... but i didnt have one moment where i could sit down anyway. There were always people coming up to the stand, the longest was maybe aminute or two where people just walked by... but otherwise it was always people coming up. In Sweden you need to be minimum 15 to buy energy drinks because of the high dose of caffeine... though ive had plenty of times where i have had to show ID when buying energy drinks, which i always find strange as i dont look under 15 haha.
      Thank you, and you too!

  2. You look great!! It's good that you're feeling much better. :) Enjoy your weekend away ♥

    1. Thank you, hope you have a good weekend as well!