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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Listening to my body

Good afternoon :)

Today time has passed ridiculously quickly and it feels like i have barely gotten anything done because time has just flown by. But i have gotten a few things done anyway :)

After breakfast and cleaning my room as well as blogging and replying to some emails and comments i headed to the gym and was excited to be back again. But after a short while of having to change exercises all the time due to not getting any contact or pain i decided to end the workout. After spending 4 hours sitting weird on the plane and also the very hard bed we slept on my hip and lower back pain has flared up again :( It hurts to even bend over, so wont be able to do my favourite exercises - dealifts, front squats and cleans for a while. In this case the best thing i can do is to not do anything that hurts. I can still do exercise and do exercises that dont hurt, but some exercises i cant do... and my favourites as well. But thats life, a week or two where i avoid things that aggravate or hurt and it should be fine again. But it sucks because whenever i sit weird such as in planes, buses, cars for a long period of time the pain comes back and then i feel half crippled as even walking and bending over can hurt. But thats life.... i only have myself to blame because of the pain (i.e from my years of over exercising.).

So instead, i finished my workout with 5 minutes of stretch and then ran some errands and bought myself a big salad for lunch as well as the new quark flavours (4 different flavours) and then headed home. 

First lunch (and yes... i got stomach pain from the sundried tomatoes. I never learn.) then washed my hair and face, unpacked my bag and washed my clothes. Then some emailing and now i am just after trying 2 of the new quark flavours - toffee flavour and energy drink flavour. What did i think? I only ate a quarter of both.... that might answer it. They taste weird and have a weird consistency... i much prefer the quarks which are 500g and more runny, hahaha. These just tasted weird and a sort of weird after taste. I still have the other two flavours to try, but not sure if i am going to buy those other 2 again. But i love trying new flavours like this :)

Now its some online stuff i need to do and then i'll see what my plans are for this evening whether i meet my boyfriend tonight or tomorrow :)

How has your day been? :)

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  1. Oh I am so sorry for you, Izzy! Those pains are horrible I know. But which aren't? Eh, I guess we have to just deal with them. It will pass and soon you'll feel your normal energy. Hope you are feeling okay mentally after coming back home? We all care about you so much! Remember!
    Love you LOADS!