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Friday, September 4, 2015

It's important with regular meals

If you are someone who doesnt really feel hunger or fullness (or both) then it is important to have some type of reminder to remind you to eat. Just because you dont feel hungry doesn't mean you arent. If you are very stressed or have refused to listen to your bodies signals for a period of time then they get all mixed up. But your body still needs food!!

My recommendation if you dont feel hungry at all due to whatever reason, then try to follow a meal plan with 5-7 meals per day. Which also has enough energy for you. The important thing is to get food into you on a regular basis, try to get your metabolism working normally and hopefully your hunger and fullness feelings will start to show. Then gradually as your hunger feelings should come back increase/decrease and try to listen to your body. Maybe you prefer 3 or 4 bigger meals each day instead or 5-7 smaller meals. Maybe you can want to eat dinner and nightsnack/dessert all at once, maybe you need a biger breakfast and no morning snack etc etc but those things will come in time. You will need to begin listening and trusting your body. But the first step is to make sure you actually get the food into you. Get the energy you need.... because you can't sit around and not eat just because you don't feel hungry. Your body is getting the energy from somewhere else then and its your muscles/fat and eventually organs. Your body always needs food to stay alive and function. A persons BMR which is most often around 1200-1500 is what a person needs just to stay alive, if they were in a coma. Did absaloutly nothing but breathe, their body would still need roughly 1300kcal just to function properly. So make sure to feed yourself properly so your body has energy to function and keep you alive. And if you have lost your hunger and fullness feelings because you are so busy or so stressed then its even more important that you have a high intake each day as you are doing so much or so stressed each day.

If you feel that you just forget to eat, then set an alarm. Bring with you snacks everywhere you go. Eat high calorie foods so you dont have to eat huge portions. MAKE time to eat. Dont be scared to eat in public or to start eating something while sitting with friends or family etc

Priortize your health and eating!!

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  1. Thank you Izzy :) Your posts are always so informative and helpful X