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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Is health really the focus ?

Health, is something we should all strive for. To find our health and our balance in life. To feel happy with ourselves and our lives, not feel constantly drained of energy or feel that the way we are living is a hell.

There are many people who promote a healthy lifestyle, me being one of them, and then there are others who promote a "fitness lifestyle". Those two are very different and it's important to be clear that fitness is not necessarily healthy. But what i began thinking about today was, even if i promote a healthy lifestyle... am i really so healthy?

I drink energy drinks, granted they are sugar free but that means that they are filled with other chemicals and you know what, that isnt good or healthy. Can i really promote a healthy lifestyle while drinking them? I amn't going to stop drinking them because i do like them, but i mean for optimal health then water, coffee (in moderation) and tea are best to drink. I am not even going to try to say that energy drinks are healthy for me... because that would be an absaloute lie. I drink them because i like them and think they taste good.

But also for a healthy lifestyle, limit stress and limit the amount of techonology used... especialöy before bed. I dont follow those at all. Unfortunatly i spend far too much time infront of a computer or a mobile, almost always connected apart from the few moments when i decide myself to shut down - this is usually during my workout sessions when i at times put my phone on flight mode so that i wont answer calls or messages. But even when i go for runs or walks i am usually connected by using a GPS and app. Though 50% of the time now a days i choose to not use those things because it doesnt really matter what time or distance i run or walk. But the amount of time i spend infront of techonology definitely cant be good as well as my stress levels usually being very high. Stress is one of the worst things for health... infact all the stress that had built up in my body over the past few months is most likely what triggered my depression and my awful feelings now. I cant cope with stress, i try and i have things that work for short periods of time.. but when the stress is long term i end up just burning out from the stress. You cant avoid stress in life, but to have a good balance and healthy long term lifestyle its important to find ways to cope with the stress.... something i still need to try to find.

Other aspects of a healthy lifestyle is taking vitamin and mineral supplements if necessary, or just to boost your diet. And i can say, i am awful at remembering to take my medicines. Even my CF medicine.... i feel like i am an all or nothing person. I go 3 days without taking medicines and then i go two days taking double doses (no, that is not good.... and no i dont always do this). I need to learn to take my medicine and supplements everyday for optimal health, not just when i remember.

Also sleep is super important for health and i am no role model in that area. But i try anyway and now with help of some alternative medicine i find that my sleeping is getting better and havent had a nightmare for a few days now!

Health.... it is so much more than just diet and exercise. It is also mental health and social health (?). Having a balance and feeling happy and good. When oyu are healthy, you KNOW it. Because then you feel this balance, this happiness...... things are in place. You are in tune with your body, you dont feel so much pain, you dont constantly feel tired or feel like something is missing (i.e such as a food group, sleep etc). When you are healthy, then you dont feel like something needs to change.

I am not writing this post to try to make myself seem like some unhealthy person, because i wouldnt say i am unhealthy. I am a healthy person, but there are also things i can change to be optimally healthy.... such as better sleep routine, less caffeine, less chocolate, better stress coping etc all of that would make me even healthier and most likely feel better. I am writing this post to make you realise that health is not just what you eat and how you exercise. Because you know what, sometimes what is healthiest is taking 2 weeks from exercise. That doesnt make you unhealthy or lazy, but it means you are listening to your body and maybe what your body needs right then is rest. But also if all you are eating is light food or food filled with chemicals, it may be low calorie but is it actually healthy? I used to be terrified of anything that wasnt fat free, i would always go for the lowest calorie food but now i much prefer to go for the 3% natural yoghurt or the 10% greek yoghurt than the 0,5% honey yoghurt. I would prefer to go for cashews and figs than a special K 99kcal bar. Of course, i do eat bars such as questbars or atkins bars now and again because i like them.... but the important thing is to have a diet which is mostly filled with natural foods and not lots of processed food. Because all those packages, all the wrappers and processed.... in the long term it cant be good. And this goes for myself as well, i should try to eat more "Natural foods" rather than lots of packaged and processed food which has been a big part of my diet recently.

These are just some thoughts of mine this morning... about health. Are people really promoting a healthy lifestyle when all they eat are low kcal foods and packaged foods? When they are scared to drink water because of water weight or when they refuse to rest because they are scared of losing their "form".
    I mean you can eat as healthy as you want, exercise as much as you want but if your mindset isnt healthy you wont ever be fully healthy. Especially not if you cant allow yourself to take a day or week off or allow yourself to eat more when your body needs it.

I am no super "health role model", i am only human. The best i can do is try to be the healthiest version of myself and what is best for me.... and that is what i am aiming for. Hopefully this post can make you think about yourself and your life, is there anything you should change to feel better? Maybe less time on the computer? More sleep? Better routines? Less cola Zero and more lemon water?

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  1. I find this really interesting. When you've said health is also about mental and social health, you're absolutely bang on! Remembering back to my Sport Science A-Level, the actual official definition of "Health" is: "the state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmities."

    As far as I'm concerned, in terms of "Health" in diet and eating, it's about BALANCE. Healthy is generally getting a good balance of the major food groups, allowing yourself treats once in a while, the ability to eat socially with others, the ability to listen to your body (eating when you're hungry, stopping when you're full etc).

    You're totally's about how you feel within yourself and that will be different from person to person. That means, there's no right answer or correct way to be "healthy." For example, even if life is about balance, it would be completely UN-healthy for someone who is lactose intolerant to eat dairy products to achieve a 'balanced diet'. This seems so obvious, but it just shows how healthy isn't going to be the same for each individual.

    Overall, I guess, I reckon the more we stew over what's healthy and what's not, the less healthy we become! We've just gotta stop worrying about what other people think or what other people are saying about "healthy," and start thinking about what we actually want. That's when we can truly achieve optimum "health."