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Monday, September 14, 2015

Evening drinks

In Lisbon it seems to always be a good night for drinks and alcohol and as it is our last night here we decided to take a few drinks to celebrate our time here.

After resting in the hotel for a while we headed to a bar which had once been a burlesque so it still had all the old decorations and interior design.Felt strange sitting there and the further you went into the bar the worse it got, hahaha. We had a glass of white wine before we headed out again and went to a restaurant which had been given a very good rating. The food was really good so i can understand why. It was sort of like tapas, we ordered 3 dishes which we shared - clams, tofu and vegetable salad and fish in a tomatoe and basilika sauce. Then when we were finished we decided to try to find this rooftop bar which was hidden as you needed to go through a garage parking lot to find it. But i am glad that we went there because it was very cool and i liked the atmosphere there :) 2 redbull vodkas was my choice of drink there while we spent a while talking and watching the sunset. Will i regret drinking alcohol today, tomorrow? Most probably and drinking alcohol (i.e running from problems) might not be the best, but i felt that i dont really care. But definitely no more alcohol for a while!!

We then found our way home and i stopped off into the shop to buy some wine as a present for my mum as well as more strawberries and Kindereggs!! And yes, the man as the cashier was the same man as before (when i bought all the chocolate) and he laughed when he saw what i was buying. Hhahaha. But i didnt have to show ID, which is crazy but i guess its not as strict here regarding alcohol, but i must have looked super strange XD

Now back at the hotel and its time to pack my bag, tomorrow its a wake up call at 5.30am. Lets hope i sleep a little, though 2 redbulls... Hmmm, maybe not the best choice. But i amnt so sensitive to caffeine so i should be fine :)


  1. It is so much fun reading all your posts, Izzy, about your days...
    Hope you sleep well, and get some rest before that early call... or at least rest when you get home!
    Thank you for these posts. Love, x.

    1. Haha thank you :) never really know whether people like my personal posts or not. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Looks and sounds like you had fun and were able to relax a bit. That´s really good :) And don´t feel any regrets or guilt about a few drinks ;)
    Have a good trip home <3

    1. I don't feel guilty about drinking but a glass of wine and om tipsy so a little regret today, hahah. But lots of coffee and carbs and ill be fine!

  3. Aaw *_* I am so glad you are enjoying your time in Lisbon Izzy!! ;) Looks like you absolutely had a fab time and i hope you will be able to remember it as long as possible :) sounds like you made so many great memories and I also LOVE Lisbon, so I can totally relate to you :) and I also love drinking alcohol and such stuff, if I feel like I could need something to boost my mood and I think this totally is fiiiiiine :)
    Loooots and lots of love xxx Ange

    1. I had a great time there and definitely have a bunch of positive memories!! :) I hope you have a lovely day!!