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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don't let social media control you

If you don't post that gym selfie did you really workout?

If you don't post a picture of your meal, did you really eat it?

If you don't post pictures of your abs, do they really exist?

Social media is taking over and controlling people. Constantly updating and refreshing social media. Addicted to following other people's lives, knowing where people are, what people are doing etc obsessed with how others are eating and working out. But have we stopped to ask ourselves how social media is affecting our mental health? Constantly comparing our lives to other people's lives. Their lives seem so perfect. Their bodies so perfect. Their pictures so perfect. .... and that affects you negatively because you live your life. You know all the small details of your life. Yiu know the good and the bad and your life compared to someone's online life just doesn't seem so great.

I know I am part of the social media world. Part of the people who decide to share their life online, but I share my ups and downs. However I just share a small part of my life. I share what I CHOOSE to share. The good photos, the good moments,the good thoughts, the good meals.... I don't share all my "behind the scenes". I don't share my bad skin and hair days. I don't usually share picture when I am bloated and have bad body image days.... you share a part of you online. You choose what you want to share and how you want to appear to others. However not everyone realises this, they believe that what they see online is the absaloute truth. That the person is just perfect and you begin to feel awful about yourself and your life. And those feelings won't pass until you realise that this is YOUR life and that you shouldn't compare yourself  to others. How do you know if that "perfect person" actually feels well? There is alot of pressure wuth social media and keeping up with appearances, they could be faking that smile or using unhealthy methods to maintain their "perfect body". You wouldn't really know.

It's important to focus on yourself and your life and not try to live your life through social media. Or to end up hating yourself because your life isn't like the life other people post about. Social media is a fun thing if you can make it that. It shouldn't be causing you guilt, anxiety, depression. If you find that you can't look through social media without feeling those feelings then take a break. Unfollpw accounts that make you feel bad or trigger you. However remember that you got to work with yourself and your own thoughts as well. But take some time from social media and focus on your own life and what is real. Realise that social media isn't everything and that it's not all real online. Don't let social media control you and especially don't let social media make you feel depressed and unhappy.

Take a moment and consider if there is someone you need to unfollow. That includes me, because I am not going to change who I am or how I look or what I write. So if something about me bothers you or makes you feel bad, then unfollow and work on overcoming those feelings.  Because from experience the people who send hate - to anyone -  are often those who are jealous or have some inner feelings of hate towards the person and so they send hate. When the actual problem is themselves, not the person receiving the hate.

Anyway,I read a good article about social media. Which inspired this post, and you might want to read that one as well as its much better formulated, haha.


  1. x
    Keep being you. I know the online bit is not everything, but that doesn't invalidate liking you the way you are :)

  2. I love social media for being able to chat with my buddies and share happy moments from my life -- but I can see what you mean.. It's only a sparkly aspect of part of people's lives!

    Anything ED related or connected to my past -- is definitely not something I will be online for *except your inspiring blog Izzy! :) * x

    1. Social media can be great, it doesnt have to be negative... but for some it is. They follow many accounts and dont realise that that is only part of the persons life and they can feel negative about themselves and their own life which isnt good.

  3. lovely pics! your boyfriend and you look so cute together so happy for you x he's cute too x