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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Be careful about what you expose yourself to everyday (social media)

Recently i have been thinking about social media - or well, i always think about it as i am an avid user of social media - but thinking about what i expose myself to everyday. What accounts do i follow and what pictures or texts do i see everyday. Why do i follow them? Are they positive ones which can add something to my life, whether its just a delicious meal idea or add creativity to meals or maybe they post inspiring pictures or texts, or maybe its someone i just enjoy following their progress and journey.

I have always said that you should be careful on the Internet and what accounts you follow, because unconsciously they can affect you and your thoughts. If you follow lots of recovery accounts and all you see are underweight people then that will skew your body image even more because that will become normal for you... other people are very skinny and underweight and you begin to feel huge or you think, if others can look like that, so can I. When infact it isnt a healthy body weight.

It is also important to remember that if you are following lots of "fitness" accounts or people who are competing in fitness shows then they go on extreme diets and do lots of exercise and the way they look while on the diet and then while on the scene is not how they always look or how a healthy body should look. When people compete in fitness, the day of the show and maybe even the weeks before they are far from healthy - and i have heard many people who compete in fitness say this themselves. They reach a point of starving their bodies, lots of exercise, very little water and salt and then on the day of the show, little water but lots of sugary foods all the while having an extremely low body fat percent and low weight. Then once the show is over many can gain 5-10kg within just a few days/weeks because the body was so starved and the person just wants to eat and eat and eat.

Why did i write that? Because i follow many of those accounts and unconsciously it has affected me.... when you begin thinking that a low fat percent is ok because you see it all the time, then you know its not good. But also many of the accounts i follow are girls who are preparing for bikini fitness competitions and have very little fat percent but have had a boob job so they have bigger boobs... and the more i see the pictures the more i think, i wish my boobs were bigger (haha). Unconsciously begin thinking that you arent good enough... when infact, i know that i am good enough. I love my body the way it is and i dont feel the need to lose body fat or to have lots of muscle, my goal is to be happy and healthy and enjoy what i am doing, and that is how i am now. So these thoughts are silly ones... but because of what i have exposed myself to everyday, it has affected my thoughts.

Those accounts arent bad, they are sharing their journey just like anyone else. And i am sure they  inspire many people, but for me... its not really something i want to expose myself too much to at the moment. Before it was never a problem, but when i feel low then i want to follow accounts that inspire me and spread positivity.

I am writing this post because i want you to think about what accounts do you follow and why? Do they add something positive to your life? Do they help or inspire you in any way or do they just bring you down? Even if you are "Mutuals" you can always unfollow, even if it might feel tough... but if you find that seeing some type of pictures trigger you... then unfollow. Though its also important to mention that you actually have to face triggers and not just run/hide from them. But sometimes some accounts dont trigger you, they just leave you with negative feelings and thoughts. But also, if you are someone who would classify yourself as a "hater" where you keep checking up on accounts of people who you hate and get irritated by, just looking for a new reason to hate them.... stop that. Let go of that hate and know that it is not the persons fault, the problem is not them.... the problem is you. Even if someone is doing strange things, posting things which might not seem healthy and you get irritated by and it and you just want to scream at them to stop... it wont help, instead unfollow. You get to choose what you want to see and expose yourself to everyday, so choose accounts that add something positive to your life!!!


  1. wise :) thank you Izzy
    have a good day today, i hope

  2. the sentence '...if others can look like that, so can I.' made me think, so I have a question. there is a girl in my class that is underweight, but does not have an eating disorder (or at lest I think she does not because she eats at school and sometimes wears pretty revealing clothes, sometimes even she says that she is too thin). she went to the regular school checkup with the class and nobody said anything about her weight because now, a year later, she is the same. that makes me think exactly like that-if she can be like that so can I. that lead to a relapse. :/ I think that doctors only pay attention to someones weight when a person has already been diagnosed with an ed (like me) :( so far I haven't found a single reason not to be like her and I need your help/opinion <3 thank you

    1. Ill try answer you in a post as soon as i can (please remind me if i dont within a few days time :))

  3. Very true!

    Some friends ['mutual'] I was close to last year, sadly I've 'unfollowed' as when focusing on health, it's important to surround yourself with healthy people. Doesn't mean I don't care just as much about them -- but, it's time to switch focus so as to move on from ED and get on with eating and living!!

    As to 'hating' / getting grumpy - how could u?! :D Just feel happy when others seem to be really happy and living an enjoyable life! Xx

    1. Yes exactly, and that is very smart of you :) The hating thing wasnt about me ;)

  4. This post is a really great reminder. I am recovered, and have been for years, but recently I started struggling with my body image "out of the blue" and getting down on myself for my running times and all kinds of other things. I'm embarrassed over how long it took me to realize that this negativity in my life was a direct result of my increase in blog-reading! I had found a bunch of new blogs, all healthy and totally sane - but still I ended up slowly comparing myself to these women more and more and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with myself. Once I saw the correlation, I quit reading them all, and almost immediately my self-esteem started improving! I think it's a good reminder to everyone that what we expose ourselves to online DOES impact how we feel about ourselves. Even if it was begun in innocence or with healthy intentions, that comparison trap can be sneaky and insidious. I'm so much happier when I bring the focus back to myself and what serves me best, rather than stuffing my brain with the lives of other women who really have nothing at all to do with me or my life. I like blogs as much as the next person (I read yours, after all!) It I do need to be viligant about what impact it has on my life; do I feel interested, inspired, entertained by this blog? Or do I feel envious, covetous, negative? And then take responsibility for it and make a choice about whether I need this or that particular blog in my feed.

    1. Yes exactly!! :) I love your comment and i am glad that you were able to see the correlation between those thoughts and what you were looking at each day :) Hopefully you are feeling better now and can focus more on positive accounts and ones that add something positive to your life instead of leaving you with negative thoughts and feelings.